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Staff Picks: Stories For Spring

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Although March can occasionally bring some late winter surprises, Warrenton Youth Services staff is ready to share our favorite springtime reads. Whether it’s kites flying in the wind or celebrating springtime holidays, these books are perfect for any spring day!

Favorite Read Alouds from Becca, Youth Services Assistant

What could be more fun than springtime and babies?  Two of my favorite read alouds have to do with both.

Tiptoe Joe is a cumulative tale of a bear who has “something special you should see!”  Animals, one after another, follow Joe on his quiet trek through the woods with rhyme, repetitive phrases and fun sounds.  At last the group reaches Joe’s cave and his exciting new secret is revealed!

Seven Hungry Babies follows Mama Bird’s efforts to feed her brood anything she can find.  The babies’ chorus “Feed us! Feed us!” throughout.  As each baby is fed it emits a satisfying “gu-u-ulp” before falling asleep.  But will the babies stay asleep?  Parents, as much as children, will appreciate the humor of this little gem.

Favorites of Nancy, Youth Services Assistant

Celebrate the windy March weather with kite books! Someone Bigger  is the story of Sam who just wants to fly the kite he and his dad have made. Dad’s answer is always “No, you’re too small! This kite needs someone bigger.” After a fantastic flight across the town, Sam saves the day by being just the right size.

Kites getting stuck in trees is the subject of two more favorites, Stuck  and Super Duck. “Stuck”  relates a boy’s outlandish attempts to get his kite out of the tree it is stuck in with happy results – except for the orangutan, the boat, and everything else he tried that is still STUCK!

Goat has made a kite and is anxious to try it out with Frog and Sheep but who comes to their aid? SUPER DUCK!  After many failed attempts Super Duck finally saves the day with a daring, although unintended, rescue of Frog and is a true hero. –Nancy, Youth Services Assistant

Recommendations from Ellen, Youth Services Assistant

When spring arrives I love sharing stories about eggs with young children.  Children love the mystery of guessing what is inside an egg, and dyeing, hiding and finding them.

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs  is the perfect story to share before or after an egg hunt.  The hen, Minerva Louise, is puzzled and worried to discover strange colored eggs in peculiar places all around the barnyard.  Children will be tickled by her confusion.

Whose Chick are You? has water-color and pastel drawings of birds in the wild trying to guess “Whose egg is that?” Its simple, repetitive text allows young children to join in the story and the tender ending as the egg hatches and is recognized by its parents is very satisfying.

Ollie  is on our small book shelf, perfect for sharing with one or two children.  Ollie is inside his egg and refuses to come out despite encouragement from goslings Gossie and Gertie.  Dunrea’s wry humor and ink-and-watercolor pictures make this an endearing book.

Suggestions by Jennifer, Youth Services Librarian

Need some Easter and/or Passover books? Seeking a Bunny is one of the best Easter board books I’ve seen in a long time. Told entirely in infectious rhyme, this celebrates all the qualities needed in an Easter Bunny, from hopping with big baskets, having a fluffy tail, and more.   If you want a religious Easter title for young readers, Ready, Set Find Easter should be on your list, as it combines a hidden pictures/Where’s Waldo element to the Christian story of Easter.

Whether you celebrate Passover in your family, or just want to introduce your children to the observance, National Geographic’s Celebrate Passover With Matzah, Maror and Memories  is a beautifully photographed and engagingly written guide to the Jewish holiday as it is celebrated around the world.  The Passover Lamb is a tenderly told story about the dilemma a young Jewish farm girl faces when the imminent arrival of lambs threatens her chance to ask the Four Questions at the Passover Seder, as is expected from the youngest child in the family.

Book listsreviews from our book clubs and favorites from library staff are great resources when searching for your next book. Or stop by the reference desk at your local library.




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