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Staff Picks: Recent Reads by the Bealeton Staff

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One of the most popular shelves in the Bealeton branch library is the Staff Picks display.  Staff members flag their recommendations for patrons to peruse and enjoy. Because Staff Picks2staff reading tastes vary so widely, there is usually an interesting mix.  Here are just a few recent picks from some of our staff members:

The Bookman’s Tale:  A Novel of Obsession by Charlie Lovett

When my book club chose “The Bookman’s Tale: A Novel of Obsession” by Charlie Lovett, as their pick of the month I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive. At nearly 400 pages, I wondered how I was going to be able to get it read with my busy schedule and two young children. Thankfully, as soon as I picked it up, I was hooked.

“The Bookman’s” Tale is the story of Peter Byerly, a young antiquarian bookseller, who has recently lost his beloved wife. When he stumbles across a watercolor of a woman who strongly resembles his wife in an 18th century book on Shakespearean forgeries, he becomes obsessed with learning the picture’s origins, a mystery that will span centuries.

Lovett beautifully weaves the present day story of Peter, back to the years when Peter and Amanda met and fell in love, and then ultimately, back to Shakespearean England. He gives the reader an excellent literary mystery that incorporates an intricate plot, appealing characters, a beautiful romance, murder, theft, forgery, blackmail, seduction and rare books.

Amanda, Bealeton branch library

22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson

I am drawn to historical fiction novels, and it seems as a society we all want to see how people like ourselves lived through difficult times in history – not history book accounts, but real people dealing with the challenges life presents.

“22 Britannia Road” is the story of a Polish couple with a young son that have been separated for six years during World War II.  At the war’s end, they are reunited and trying to reconstruct their family life together.  Incredible hardships and secrets each carry from their time apart are slowly revealed.  It is a tragic story, but (as I like stories to unfold) the characters are able to successfully overcome the hardships they’ve endured in their lives.

Alicia, Bealeton branch library

Critical Pursuit by Janice Cantore

The author  of “Critical  Pursuit” is a retired police officer, so I liked the authentic feel to this suspenseful book. The heroine, Brinna Caruso, is a Long Beach, California police officer who performs search and rescue on the side, with her dog Hero. She has just been assigned to a hunt for a missing child. The case brings back a lot of memories for her of being kidnapped as a child. Her partner, Jack O’Reilly, is dealing with the recent loss of his wife, but must concentrate his efforts on this new case, especially when Brinna is in danger. This is an easy Christian fiction read, with enough suspense to make it fast-paced and interesting. The sequel, Visible Threat, is also good.

Mary Sue, Bealeton branch library

Us: A Novel by David Nicholls

Just before the start of their month-long family vacation through Europe, Douglas Petersen’s wife surprises him with the announcement that she may be done with their marriage. The vacation suddenly takes on great significance as Douglas realizes it is his last chance to win back his wife and mend his relationship with the teenage son he never quite understood. You will alternate between laughter and tears as you follow Douglas on his journey to save his family, discovering some truths about life and love along the way.

Jen, Bealeton branch library

Looking for more book lists and staff suggestions? Stop by the reference desk at your local library. For online book lists published prior to January 2015, visit Book Notes, our blog all about books.

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