Wireless Printing

Print from your phone, tablet, laptop, or home computer to the library’s printer!

SPOT Global Print allows users to send print jobs from any Internet-connected device to a Fauquier Public Library print release station.

SPOT Global Print is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Chrome OS.  Any program or application that can print is supported — there are no file type restrictions and no need to convert documents to PDF or email personal files.

A library card or guest pass is not required to use this service. A random PIN will be assigned to claim your print job. You can generate a new PIN at any time or continue to use the one originally assigned.

Step 1:

Scan this QR code or go to https://www.libraricacloud.com/apps.html








Step 2:

Download the app for your Android or iOS device (example below). You can also download to your Windows, mac or Chromebook if you’d like to send a print job from your home computer.








Step 3:

In the app, select your SPOT Global Print pickup location and printer.

Select Pickup Location: Fauquier County Public Library (VA)

Select Printer: Warrenton Mobile, Bealeton Mobile or John Marshall Mobile








Step 4:

Open up the SPOT Global Print app if not already open and confirm the settings for pickup location and printer shown above.

Open the content on your mobile device that you want to print and access the Print option. The method varies slightly depending on the app you’re using. Typically, you’ll find the print option through an icon that resembles a small arrow pointing upwards or via the “Share button.” After you opt to Print, select the Warrenton Mobile, Bealeton Mobile or John Marshall Mobile printer and send/issue your job.

Step 5:

Go to the CASSIE print release station at your local branch and enter your SPOT Global Print PIN (ex. 65443929 in the illustration above). You will see your print job listed. Deposit the funds needed to print/release the print job.  Printing (black and white only) costs 15 cents/page — cash only. 

Print jobs are held for 24 hours.