Internet to Go

What is the Internet to Go service?

Patrons may check out a Kajeet SmartSpot, a filtered Wi-Fi hotspot that enables you to connect your mobile devices (e.g. laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the Internet. The Kajeet SmartSpots allow the Library to provide cost-effective educational broadband service to under-served populations. Library patrons can check out a Wi-Fi hotspot to complete homework assignments, apply for jobs or conduct business even in areas not served by hardwired broadband connections.

Where can I borrow the SmartSpot?

The SmartSpots can be borrowed from all three locations.

What SmartSpot is best for me?

The Kajeet SmartSpots run on either the Verizon or T-Mobile 4G* cellular network. The mobile hotspot may not work in all areas.

The SmartSpot 900 is on the Verizon 4G network – View the coverage map here.

The SmartSpot T41 uses the T-Mobile 4G network – View the coverage map here.

*While many smartphones run on 3G and 4G, if only 3G is available, the hotspot won’t connect, even though a smartphone will connect.

How many devices may I connect to a Kajeet Smartspot?

  • Up to eight (8) devices can connect simultaneously to a SmartSpot — keep in mind that they will all be sharing the same data.

Who may borrow a Kajeet Smartspot?

  • Adult cardholders (18+) with library cards in good standing

What are the rules?

  • One device per library card.
  • Devices check out for 21 days.
  • Devices may not be renewed.
  • Devices may be placed on hold – patrons have two (2) days to pick up the device once notified of its availability.
  • At checkout, patrons must present their library card and a valid (not expired) photo ID to library staff.
  • At checkout, patrons must complete and sign a loan agreement. Once a SmartSpot is checked out to the patron, it becomes the responsibility of the patron.
  • Device must be returned to the original borrowing location, and the loan agreement shall be completed.
  • Devices cannot be returned in book drops.
  • Devices are suspended/disabled once the due date has passed.
  • There is a daily data limit of 250MB. Once the limit has been reached, the device is shut off until the following day (1:00 AM). Due to daily data limits, access to streaming video sites/content and services that consume large amounts of bandwidth (ex. software updates) are blocked. Many smartphones, tablets, etc., have applications that download data in the background (ex. podcasts, Spotify, Apple News, etc.) over a cellular connection and will cause you to burn through your data. You may want to check your settings and disable the majority of your apps from using data over a cellular connection:
    • On iOS devices – Settings > Cellular; toggle off cellular access for all apps but the ones you need
    • On Android devices – Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data Usage – select those apps you don’t need and disable background data
  • You may check your data balance at any time at The Device Identifier number is required to check usage. That number is located on the Kajeet SmartSpot case.
  • Devices are filtered. Websites and services that violate the Library’s Internet Use Policy and/or exceed normal bandwidth consumption are blocked.

Fines & Fees

  • The overdue fine is $1.00 per day. Note: Devices are disabled once the due date has passed.
  • Damaged devices or parts will be charged at the cost of the part plus a $5 processing fee:
    • SmartSpot device: $125.00
    • SmartSpot Case: $10.00
    • USB charger: $5.00
    • USB cable (T41 devices only): $5.00

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