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Kiddosphere: Return to Reading

Posted by jennifers on

In the months prior to my September 29th wedding, my regular reading crawled to a stop. No matter what book I had been eagerly waiting for, my attention span was nil for paying attention to anything other than a chapter book or two. I reasoned that once life settled down a bit (after moving to a new house, getting married, and going on our honeymoon), I would find interest in reading again. Yes–thankfully–I have–and just in time for some amazing fall titles. (more…)

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Halloween at the Library: From Stories to Story Times

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Halloween, celebrated each year on Oct. 31, has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Its Celtic roots shroud it in mystery, magic and superstition, as the Celts believed that it was a time when spirits came out to haunt and would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. (more…)

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Kiddopshere: Blast Off: Books for Reading Pre/Post Watching of First Man

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I love fall movie season. Sure, I love the blockbusters and superhero movies in the summer, but those get old after a while (although I *cannot* wait for Captain Marvel!). Fall brings out the “Oscar bait” movies–the movies that production studios have high hopes for come awards season. Sure, some of them can be overwrought “chewing the scenery” types (when my husband and I saw A Star is Born, we saw one of the most histrionic previews I have ever seen–already beloved on the movie festival circuit, apparently, but good grief….I was rolling my eyes), but there are some pretty awesome-sounding movies coming our way soon. (more…)

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Library now offers online access to Consumer Reports

Posted by lisap on

October cover image of Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports magazine is now available online to Fauquier County Public Library card holders, providing access to articles, reviews and ratings on over 8,000 products and services. The online version is in addition to the print edition of the magazine which remains available for in-library use.

For over 80 years, Consumer Reports has been the go-to source for unbiased product reviews and comparisons of products and services, based on its in-house testing laboratory and survey research center.  It has over seven million subscribers and an annual testing budget of about $25 million. Consumer Reports is published by Consumers Union, a nonprofit dedicated to unbiased testing, consumer-oriented research, advocacy and public education.

The October issue of Consumer Reports is now available. What’s inside? “What’s Really in Your Meat” looks at what drugs may be in the U.S. meat supply. Reviews of family-friendly cars and SUVs, ratings for 33 energy bars and information on homeowner’s insurance and natural disasters are among the many topics examined.  Additional topics and product reviews are available online.

To access Consumer Reports online from the library’s website, click on the research tab and browse the alphabetical listing of databases for Consumer Reports Online.

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Library seeks photos of local veterans and service members

Posted by lisap on

Photo collage of service membersEach fall, in honor of Veterans Day, Fauquier County Public Library displays a photo collage “Honoring Our Veterans.”  The photo tribute has grown to include over 200 photos of veterans and men and women currently serving in the armed services.

If you would like your family member or loved one included in the display, bring your photo to any library location and complete a photo submission form. (more…)

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Library To Honor Veterans

Posted by lisap on

Honoring our Veterans Photo DisplayCollage of veterans photos
In honor of Veterans Day, the library will display a photo collage of area veterans—supplied by veterans and their families—as a visual tribute to the men and women who served or are currently serving in all branches of the military.

All photos previously submitted will be included.

If you would like a previously unsubmitted photo of your loved one included, bring photos to any library location and complete a photo submission form.

Photo Collection: Oct. 1—31
Photo Display: Nov. 5—26

White Table Display
Nov. 7—14
In memory and honor of American service members fallen, missing or held captive in the line of duty, Fauquier County Public Library will have a white table set up at each library location, joining displays set up all over the world each year. To learn more about this tradition, check out America’s White Table by Margo Theis Raven or stop by your local library location.


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A Little Magic, Miniature Therapy Horses, Come to Library

Posted by lisap on

Mini therapy horse Dakota with handlersMiniature Therapy Horses Help Adults and Children

Horses welcomed into schools, hospitals, rehabs and nursing homes? It’s true, and now add libraries to the list. Children preschool to grade 5 and their families are invited to meet the mini therapy horses of A Little Magic, who bring the joy of miniature horses to those in need of a healing touch.

A Little Magic is part of Love of Little Horses, a charity that provides animal assisted activities with trained and registered minis. With their small size, miniature horses provide a non-threatening experience, especially for those in wheelchairs, seniors and children. These minis provide non-judgmental acceptance and genuine affection.

Join us Saturday, Sept. 29, 10:30 a.m. as their trained handlers show the unique connection between horses and humans and demonstrate the special work their organization does with children and adults. This free event will be held at Eva Walker Park in Warrenton.

Charming, smart and cute these horses are the best at therapy, but other talents are included. Observe mini Dakota as she plays basketball, shops with a grocery cart and plays the piano. These little horses perform “mini-magic” wherever they go!

To learn more about therapy animals, check out these resources, available at your local Fauquier County Public Library location.

A Dog’s Gift: The Inspirational Story of Veterans and Children Healed by Man’s Best Friend by Bob Drury

Elle & Coach: Diabetes, the Fight for my Daughter’s Life, and the Dog Who Changed Everything by Stefany Shaheen

Talking to Animals: How You Can Understand Animals and They Can Understand You by Jon Katz

Therapy Dogs: Training Your Dog to Reach Others by Kathy Diamond Davis

A Dog Walks Into a Nursing Home: Lessons in the Good Life From an Unlikely Teacher by Sue Halpern

Every Dog Has a Gift: True Stories of Dogs Who Bring Hope & Healing Into our Lives by Rachel McPherson

Titles for Children

Animals Helping With Healing by Ann O. Squire

Therapy Horses by Catherine Nichols

By Deborah Cosby, Branch Manager, John Marshall branch library

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Fauquier County Public Library now offers evening story time

Posted by lisap on

Child with book on head, surrounded by stars and moonAn evening story time is now being offered at the Warrenton central library.  Pajama Story Time is held  Tuesdays, 6 – 7 p.m. Filled with stories, songs and activities, it is perfect for busy families and their children.

“Story times are central to our mission,” said Dawn Sowers, Public Services Manager, “and are one of the best ways to foster a love of reading. With the addition of Pajama Story Time, commuting parents and others whose busy schedule doesn’t allow them to come to morning story times can also participate.”

Reading to your child at home is important, and story times offered at your local library provide parents with additional support in raising successful readers and learners. Story times are great for parents and caregivers too, providing a social opportunity, and may introduce them to previously unknown authors and illustrators.

Fauquier County Public Library offers various story times for children from infants through age five.  1,000 Books Before Kindergarten – a program for children who have not yet entered kindergarten – helps parents prepare children for school by offering young readers incentives as they reach reading milestones.  The library also offers Sensory Story Time for pre-school children with special needs. Paws to Read, a program in which children ages five – ten read to trained and certified therapy dogs, helps children build reading skills and confidence and rounds out the story time offerings. Detailed descriptions can be found on the library’s Children’s Programs page to help you choose the right story time for your child.

Library staff offers these suggestions on how to get the most out of story time:

Come Early:  Arrive a few minutes early to enable you and your child to get comfortable.

Health and Safety First: Use the space outside the story time area to park strollers. Toys, puzzles and snacks are best saved for after story time.  To keep everyone healthy and happy, ailing children and parents are encouraged to join us when they are feeling better.

Join In: Sing, clap, play along and help your child do the same.  Young children learn by doing and you are your child’s best role model.  Joining in maximizes learning and fun!

Model Good Listening Behavior: Sit close to your child and be attentive to the presentation. Children take their cues from adults and seeing you engaged and enthusiastic will encourage them to be the same.

Looking for a good book to read to your child? Check out Kiddosphere, a library blog written collections manager Jennifer Schultz, for book reviews and recommendations for children of all ages. Check out the complete Kiddosphere archive on our website.

Lisa Pavlock, Public Information Coordinator, Fauquier County Public Library

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Kiddosphere: Fall for a Great Read: Books for Fall

Posted by jennifers on

Although it’s currently cloudy, windy and rainy with a chance of heavy thunderstorms and wind this weekend due to Hurricane Florence, fall weather is (hopefully) soon approaching. Seasonal books are among my favorite type of books to read, and autumn-themed books are among the most beautifully illustrated in our collection. The following are some outstanding picks to get you ready for fall. (more…)

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David Goetz Discusses Ever the Gray Ghost: Colonel John Singleton Mosby and the Lincoln Conspiracy

Posted by vicky on

Fauquier County Public Library will host author David Goetz on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. at the John Barton Payne Bldg. in Warrenton.Author David Goetz

Goetz will discuss Ever the Gray Ghost: Colonel John Singleton Mosby and the Lincoln Conspiracies, which examines the background of individuals and groups from both sides of the Civil War who wanted to capture or kill confederate President Jefferson Davis and U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The author will discuss in particular Colonel Mosby’s role in the conspiracies against Lincoln.

“Ever the Gray Ghost: Colonel John Singleton Mosby and the Lincoln Conspiracies” is Goetz’s newest book. His first, Hell is Being a Republican in Virginia: The Postwar Relationship Between John Singleton Mosby and Ulysses S. Grant” examined the pursuit of peace and reconciliation between North and South by Colonel Mosby and President Grant during and after Reconstruction.

Goetz, a Culpeper County resident, is a past commander of the Black Horse Camp #780, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Fauquier County, Virginia, current vice-president of the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society and member of the Fauquier Historical Society board of directors. He owns Mosby’s Confederacy Tours and leads tours in Fauquier, Loudoun, Warren and Clarke counties. He is a U.S. Army veteran.

Copies of Goetz’s book will be available for sale after the program.

Interested in more books about John Mosby? Stop by the reference desk for assistance, or check out on of the following books:

Cheryl Crow, Warrenton central library

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