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Kiddosphere: Dad Reads

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I have a very critical eye when it comes to books about fathers. Books that feature a father character as a dumb overgrown child get on my last nerve. If you’re tired of stories that feature incapable dads, take home these books during your next visit to the library:

A Beach Tail by Karen Lynn Williams book cover

A Beach Tail is frequently checked out during the summer, as you can imagine! This sweet picture book not only highlights a fine father-son bond, but it also celebrates the importance of imaginative play.

Nancy Tafuri’s books are perfect reads for very young children; her picture books are staples in my Baby Steps story time (at the Warrenton library every Monday at 10:30!). Daddy Hugs is a gorgeous and adorable read about animal daddies.

Allen Say has had a long and distinguished career as a children’s author-illustrator; he often draws upon his Japanese-American heritage for his stories, as he does in The Favorite Daughter. As a blond biracial (Caucasian and Japanese) child with a distinctly Japanese name, daughter Yuriko often received stares and comments during her childhood. Not wanting to draw that much unwanted attention (as many children would), Yuriko attempted to retreat from her Japanese name and heritage. Her father’s loving and gentle guidance led her to be proud of her unique heritage, as chronicled in this sensitive and sophisticated picture book (which ends with photographs of a young adult Yuriko visiting Japan).

Fortunately, The Milk is a rarity in science fiction: it’s short and funny! While on a trip to the store to pick up milk for his family, a father is abducted by aliens (or, so he tells his captivated children). This would be a great family read aloud!

Papa and Me is a deceptively simple story about a young Latino boy and his father. Papa only speaks Spanish, but he and his son share a deep bond. It’s a true reflection of many young bilingual children’s experiences.

Surfer Chick by Kristy Dempsey. Illustrated by Henry Cole book cover

Surfer Chick is hilarious and adorable; it also has a darling father-daughter story AND features a girl surfer (yes, she’s a chicken, but that makes it even funnier).

Attending the Father’s Day car show in downtown Warrenton? Take a break from the heat and enjoy our Dudes and Donuts program at the Warrenton library from 1-4 on June 21. Make a craft for dad, build with LEGOs and enjoy some refreshments!

Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library

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