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Welcome to Fauquier Community Read 2018

Fauquier County Public Library, Friends of the Fauquier Library and community partners proudly present Fauquier Community Read. Community Reads across the country engage and enlighten citizens, foster a sense of community and create a culture of community-wide reading.

Our 2018 selection is Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson with Susan Flory.  The selection committee, comprised of community volunteers and library staff members, chose Thunder Dog for its compelling story and appeal to readers of all ages.

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Meet the author Wednesday, April 11 during An Evening with Michael Hingson and explore the calendar of events for additional ways to experience and share this real-life inspirational story. Registration for this program is now closed.

This program is made possible in part by a gift from The Mountain Fund of the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation.

About the Book

Book Cover of Thunder Dog with Guide Dog Roselle

Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog & the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero is an inspiring story about Michael Hingson, blind since birth, who escaped from the 78th floor of the World Trade Center with the assistance of his trusted guide dog, Roselle. A graduate of University of California, Irvine with a Master’s degree in physics, Hingson was a top-level tech sales executive when the awful events of 9/11 took place. In addition to his escape from the World Trade Center, Thunder Dog chronicles Mr. Hingson’s lifelong refusal to be limited by his blindness.

Thunder Dog is available at the Fauquier County Public Library. To request a copy, visit any library branch or reserve a copy online. Additional copies will also be available at these locations.

Discussion Questions for Adults Readers

  • Michael Hingson speaks about “blind power” throughout the book.  What is this power and how did he use it to transform his life?
  • What is it about the relationship between Michael Hingson and Roselle that allows them both to remain calm during the events of 9/11?
  • Does Michael Hingson’s story about his life and his escape from the building help us think about the act of terrorism that took place on 9/11?
  • Why is this book given the title: Thunder Dog? What role does fear play in Michael Hingson’s life and in his experiences on 9/11?
  • In the introduction to Thunder Dog, Michael Hingson says; “The real story, in my mind, isn’t how I got out of the World Trade Center. It’s how I got there in the first place.”  Were the challenges he faced in becoming a successful businessman greater than the challenges he faced on 9/11?
  • Has this book changed the way you think about people who are different from you?
  • How does having trust in a dog like Roselle differ from having trust in another person?
  • What is the main understanding you take away from reading Thunder Dog?

Print Thunder Dog Discussion Questions for Adult Readers

Discussion Questions for Students

  • In Chapter 4 Michael Hingson says, “No one in my family treated me like I had a disability.” Why is this important to him?
  • How is “trust” defined in this story?
  • Are Michael Hingson and Roselle “heroes?” What events in the book support your opinion?
  • On 9/11 how did Michael Hingson react to the terrifying situation he found himself in? Why did his reaction differ from that of the sighted people around him?
  • What is the “blind power” Michael Hingson refers to? How does he discover it and use it?
  • If you were blind, do you think you would ride a bike? Does Michael Hingson’s story help you imagine that there might be some things you would not do that a sighted person might do?
  • Has this book changed the way you think about people who are different from you?
  • How does reading about Michael Hingson’s trust in his dog help you think about what it means to have trust in another person? Whom would you trust in a scary situation?
  • Do sighted people make use of echolocation? How does this ability help Michael Hingson lead a normal life?

Print Thunder Dog Discussion Questions for Students