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Consumer Reports July 2017: Smart Food Shopping

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Check out this information in the July issue of Consumer Reports:

Shopping for fresh food

The new American food shopper today has a more “adventurous palate” and is looking for fresh food and products that have less processing involved. In response, more and more supermarkets are carrying these types of foods. If they can’t find these types of food at their local grocery store, consumers are increasingly willing to go the extra mile and seek out specialty grocers and farmer’s markets to get these products, even if they have to pay more and travel farther. This month’s cover feature, “Faster, Fresher, Cheaper” explores this trend, and offers tips on how to read labels and be a food safety expert when shopping. Also discussed are several online grocers like AmazonFresh and Peapod, and grocery shopping satisfaction ratings for more than 60 stores.


How much do you know about the SPF (sun protection factor) numbers found on sunscreens? Surprisingly, higher SPF numbers do not always mean more protection from the sun’s rays. “Don’t Get Burned” has helpful information, as well as ratings for sunscreens (lotions, sprays, and sticks) labeled SPF 30 and above.

Unusual foods

Do you like trying new foods? Read “Weird Foods Worth Trying” for several you may not have heard of or were afraid to try! For example, have you tried jackfruit? Birch water? Kefir? Purple asparagus and other purple vegetables? Most of these products are carried in specialty stores, although you may find them at your local grocery store.


Many of us would like to renovate our homes, even if we do only one room. Do you know exactly what a renovation project entails? Dealing with permits, contractors, designs, materials, etc. can be a hassle. Check out “The CR Guide to Smarter Remodeling” for planning tips and ratings for electric and gas ranges, French doors, dishwashers, toilets, and kitchen and bathroom countertops.

The following topics and products are also covered in this issue:

  • Ratings for super SUVs and sedans 
  • Variations in car insurance rates
  • Safe driving as you age
  • Ratings for the top 25 new cars for senior drivers

Each branch of the Fauquier County Library has the print issues of Consumer Reports from 2011 up to the current issue. The Find It Virginia databases have an index to the issues from February 1, 1976 to the current issue, and the full-text of the reviews from January 1, 1999 to June 1, 2009. You can access Find It Virginia from any library computer, or from home with your Fauquier County Public Library card. You can also see past summaries of Consumer Reports prepared by library staff online.

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