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Consumer Reports April 2018: All About Automobiles

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Each April issue of Consumer Reports is all about automobiles — articles, reviews, etc. Here are some of the highlights: New Car Ratings This is probably the most popular section

Library now offers online access to Consumer Reports

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$25 million. Consumer Reports is published by Consumers Union, a nonprofit dedicated to unbiased testing, consumer-oriented research, advocacy and public education. The October issue of Consumer Reports is now available

Consumer Reports December 2017: Online Shopping

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you think. Consumer Reports analyzed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s consumer complaints database and found that in the last 20 years in the U.S., shattered sunroofs have been reported

Consumer Reports March 2018: A Good Night’s Sleep

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Check out this information in the March issue of Consumer Reports: Mattresses This month’s feature article is “Find the Best Mattress for You.” If you have trouble finding the right

Consumer Reports November 2017: Healthy Eating

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Check out this information in the November issue of Consumer Reports: Healthy Eating This month’s cover article, “Eat Smarter, Eat Healthier,” is organized by items that are not healthy and

Consumer Reports July 2018: Planning for a Road Trip

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The July issue of Consumer Reports is now available at your local Fauquier County Public Library. Here’s a look inside this month’s issue. Road Trip This month’s cover article is

Consumer Reports September 2018: Eating Healthy

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Check out these topics in the September issue of Consumer Reports: Eat Those Leafy Greens! We all want to eat healthy foods, but often have difficulty determining which foods are