Consumer Reports October 2022: Watch Great TV For Less

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Colder days are coming!  Are you ready to settle in for an evening of movie watching or an afternoon of watching football on TV?  “Watch What You Really Want For Less”  will help you review your home television and internet connections. If you are using a cable hook-up compare the cable costs and services with the available streaming options.  Make sure your internet can handle streaming shows by following the simple steps outlined in this article to test your internet speed.  If you are already streaming, check to make sure you are managing your streaming services wisely.

Find out which streaming service is best for you whether you are a “bargain hunter,”  “I want it all” viewer, “sports fanatic” or a “movie lover”.  Do you want to view with or without ads?   There’s nothing wrong with service hopping   The trick is to remember to cancel those services if you only joined because to see a particular show.  Otherwise you may end up continuing to pay for services you aren’t using.  By carefully managing your streaming subscriptions you may be able to enjoy more shows for less than the cost of cable.  While you’re checking out those streaming services don’t forget that you have free access to 30,000 movies using Kanopy with your library card!  Call the library for more information.

Spruce up your interior this fall by giving your rooms a fresh coat of paint.  “Painting Made Easier” provides advice on how to select colors and finishes for each room, to tips on how to prepare the room and apply the paint.  It also includes a helpful list of tools to have on hand and ratings and reviews for 12 paint brands to help select a good quality paint at an affordable price.

There’s nothing like the smell of a home cooked meal on a cold day.  Almost every recipe calls for the addition of oil, or at least for “greasing the pan.”  You might be surprised to learn that there are alternatives to vegetable oils, and we’re not just talking about varieties of olive oil here.  “The New World of Cooking Oils” introduces five versatile oils and explains how and when to use them.  Some are healthier while others can enhance the taste of the food . Learn which oils to avoid because of the saturated fats they contain or because of environmental concerns associated with their production.  Try some of these versatile oils and discover the taste difference!

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Kitchen Money Savers” 
  • “Keep Your Bike Safe”
  • “The Best Small Trucks” 
  • “Hedge Trimmers”
  • “A Better Way to Carve Your Pumpkin”

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