Smart Money, Part II: Invest Wisely with ValueLine (8.30.2022)

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computer screen with stock market graphRising prices affect more than just the immediate cost of what you buy. It also impacts investments. Whether your investment goals include saving money for retirement, paying for a child’s future college expenses or making a dream purchase like a boat or land, help making investment decisions is available at the library.

ValueLine Research Center can help seasoned investor and those new to investing make informed investment decisions that fit their individual goals and risk level.

ValueLine was created by a team of independent economists and market experts with no vested interest in what is reviewed. The standard investment survey includes 1700 equities that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the Toronto Stock Exchange while the Small and Mid-Cap Survey features 1800 equities.

Key Features

Selection and Opinion: Weekly commentary on the economy and stock market providing an overview of market trends. It has four model portfolios for those who are unsure of where to start investing or want direction for their investments.  It also includes Market Monitor, Value Line Asset Allocation Model, and Stock Market Averages, among other powerful tools.

Fund Advisor Plus: Includes advice on mutual fund investments, a model portfolio for mutual funds, fund index, and benchmark performance averages to help mutual fund investor get the most out of those investments.

Special Situations Service: Provides a model portfolio for both aggressive and conservative investments for those who wish to focus more on high risk or low risk investments.

ValueLine Research Center is available free to library users. If you are logging in from home/outside the library you will prompted for your library card number. Value Line Investment Survey, Small and Mid-Cap Investment Survey and Selection and Opinion are also available in print at the Warrenton Reference Desk.

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NOTE: Fauquier Public Library’s subscription limits the number of simultaneous users. If you’re unable to access the resource, please try again later.




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