Consumer Reports September 2022: How to Save Money Now

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Read. Shop. Buy smart.

With costs going up and up, for all sorts of reasons, everyone is anxious to find ways to save money.  Consumer Report’s (CR) September issue is here to help, offering “Tactics that can help you spend less on everything…”  And they mean everything!  You’ll be amazed at the savings you can glean on medical bills, media plans, insurance fees, credit card interest and even groceries, with a little research and a few phone calls.  Whether speaking to a retention specialist about a cell phone plan, or to the billing staff at the doctor’s office, Bill Fixers suggests that being calm and clear, rather than chummy or angry, when discussing what you want will really help get results.

Be wary of offers for additional services at no additional cost because there may, in fact, be taxes and fees that apply to those free services.  Don’t hesitate to ask doctor’s offices to reduce their fees; they won’t offer unless asked.  Consider the store brand and store coupons when shopping for groceries.  Consumer Reports has found that there is often little difference between the quality of the store brand and the more expensive popular brands.

You can save money on dental bills before they happen by considering whether or not you really need the work your dentist recommends.  CR has found that “when it comes to the best way to handle a problem with a tooth, there’s a whole lot of gray area.”  Services that are not really necessary may be recommended by a dentist who has heavy debts to pay or who is being pressured to recommend them by a “private-equity-owned” service organization.  CR’s “guide to treatment” reviews five common procedures and steps to take before you agree to them.

With the fall harvest season coming right up, now is the right time to find a good chef’s knife and learn how to use it.  All that garden produce needs processing before you can serve it or preserve it; chopping, peeling, slicing, dicing, mincing…  There are effective (and safe) ways to accomplish these tasks with a good knife.   See the ratings to select the right knife for you.  Plus – learn what surfaces are best to chop on and how to keep your knife sharp and in good condition.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “New Rules for Fire Safety” 
  • “Video Doorbells”
  • “The Most Comfortable Desk Chair for You” 
  • “These Lightbulbs Really Save Money”
  • “Veggie Sausages for Meat Lovers”

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