Consumer Reports July 2022: Save More Waste Less

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Read. Shop. Buy smart.

Living lightly and sustainably is a worthy goal, but it isn’t always easy to figure out how to reach it.  It’s great to make ahead and freeze meals, but not so great if they end up languishing in the freezer.  Why not make a freezer file so you can keep track of what you’ve frozen and make plans to use it. It’s great to be thrifty in the management of lawns and gardens, but not so great if it takes expensive gas powered tools to maintain them.  Why not get your next mower or garden tool through a Buy Nothing Group or switch to battery powered tools?  Or try going solar… without the panels.  Read about these ideas and more; you’ll be amazed at all the ways you can save more and waste Less!

Doing what we can to leave the world a better place should be part of our legacy to the next generation.  Speaking of legacy… now might be a good time to review your will.  Chances are, many things in your life have changed since you made out your will (or since you thought about making out a will) including many tax law changes in recent years.  “Why You May Need to Update Your Will Now” will take you step by step through the process of pulling together the information you’ll need.  Getting it all down on paper can be a snap if you use an online DIY will site.  Hopefully no one will read it for a long time yet, but having prepared a will provides peace of mind and is a great asset to heirs.

In the meantime, living well is the name of the game, at home and on the road.  Have you considered going organic, and what does that really mean anyway?  Organic Food on a Budget lays it all out and makes it easier to see which organic foods are most beneficial, with tips on how to locate them in the store and where to find them in your community.

Going on vacation this year?  Bring your sunscreen, but first check out the tests for The Best (and Safest) Sunscreens.  Learn what to look for and find ratings for loads of popular brands.  How to Get Ready for a Road Trip will help make vacation fun filled from beginning to end.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “How to Find More Comfortable Shoes” 
  • “Is Boxed Wine a Good Idea?”
  • “A Lush Lawn Made Easier” 
  • “Get your Turntable Playing Again”
  • “Make World-Class Waffles”

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