Consumer Reports May 2022: Where to Get Rx Drugs for Less

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Cover of Consumer Reports with bottle of prescription pillsGetting prescriptions filled online can result in big savings.  “Where to Get Rx Drugs for Less” is here to help you sort out the options. If your insurance doesn’t cover an expensive drug that you need to take, or if the price for that drug through your insurance plan is still too costly, consider shopping around for an online supplier.  In many cases you can save additional money if your doctor writes an extended prescription.  Even online it is surprising how much prices can vary.  A three month supply of one medicine that sold for over $64 on Amazon was just $8 at HoneyBeeHealth.  If you aren’t interested in online shopping, or if your drug regimen is complicated and you want to stick to using a walk-in pharmacy, find out how much you can save by making use of coupons, finding discounts or going generic.

While you’re shopping for the best deals on prescriptions you might want to consider which credit card to use.  Is your card a good match for your current lifestyle? Does it charge an annual fee, offer cash back or provide rewards?  “The Best Credit Cards to Have Now” will help you figure out if it might be time to change the card you use.

Fast food is a big part of our lives and, whether it comes in the form of take-out from a restaurant or frozen dinners from the grocery store, all that food comes with packaging.  We routinely read labels to ensure that the food is healthy, but what effect does the plastic, cardboard and foil the food is wrapped in have on our health?  “The Dangerous Chemicals in Your Fast Food Wrappers” provides a sobering look at these health risks and suggests ways to reduce your exposure.

Now is the time for spring cleaning!  Time to switch out the winter clothes for the summer ones, time to put away all that tax paperwork, time to dig your way into the garage or shed to find the lawn mower.  If you don’t have time to read a whole book on the subject of neatening up, take a look at “Goodbye, Mess: Quick Ways to Organize Your Stuff.”  It is short and sweet and may inspire you to get that spring cleaning done now.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Lost Your Phone?  Here’s What to Do” 
  • “What That $55 Bouquet Really Looks Like”
  • “GPS Pet Trackers” 
  • “Kitchen Space Savers”
  • “Top-Rated Air Fryers”

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