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How safe is your home?  This month, take a tour of your home and look for improvements that will prevent accidents.  Your kitchen is a great place to start because it is the most accident prone room in a home.  Inspect electrical devices, arrange proper storage and promptly clean up spills to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Bathrooms and laundry rooms are a close second for hazards.  Shocks or fires caused by appliances or by dirty dryer filters and vents are all too common, and quite preventable with a little care.  If there are children in the house it is essential that cleaning chemicals be secured out of their reach.  Something a simple as tightening a railing or replacing a lightbulb could prevent an accident.

Do you have water stains on furniture, food stains on carpets, table linens and clothing, that you would love to remove if only you knew what would work?  “CR’s Ultimate Stain-Removal Guide” is here to help.  Their stain stopping toolkit will get you set up to finally remove those nagging stains.

For some of us winter means spending more time watching movies and listening to music.  If you’ve been considering upgrading for better sound read the product update “Pump Up Your TV’s Sound.”  Here you’ll find ratings for a dozen popular sound bars and tips for selecting the right one to go with your current system.

Sad to say, but fraudsters are finding more and more ways to take advantage of us.  They target us on our phones, by e-mail and through Facebook.  They offer great shopping deals, dating opportunities, investment tips or job opportunities – all designed to trick us into giving them our personal information or money.  Read “Scams Are On The Rise” for how to stay out of trouble when these scammers call you.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “What You Should Know About AirPods” 
  • “The Best Electric Can Openers”
  • “How To Prevent Package Theft” 
  • “The Truth About Cold Remedies”
  • “Where To Find Healthy Mexican Fast Food”

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