A Message From the Director: March 2022

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Picture of Maria Del Rosso sitting at desk in front of windowThe paper route went to the wrong person.

The local newspaper called to offer a job to Domenico.  But, Domenica took the call.

That mistaken final letter made my sister the first female news carrier in our town, paving the way for other girls — including me — to take up a bag and deliver papers door to door.

Paperboys expanded to include papergirls, in the parlance of those times.

Not earth-shattering, but as Prometheus said, “big things have small beginnings.”

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, and at the library we’re ready to recognize famous and not so famous women.  You can bet that many of these women’s achievements started out as something small but led to changing lives forever.

Of course, the library’s adult and children’s shelves are chock full of biographies from Abagail Adams to Malala Yousafzai.  Don’t stop there.  Browse through Universal Class’s “Twenty Women Who Changed American History” or Kanopy’s “Notable Figures in Women’s History.”

Our Extraordinary Women movie marathon features a supreme court justice, a first lady, a freedom fighter and 3 women who changed space history.

But Women’s History Month is about more than renowned women.  It reminds us to look beyond famous feats and recognize the women in our lives who have shown leadership, courage and strength.  Take time to remember their stories and be sure to pass them on to the girls (and boys) you know for inspiration, hope and determination to fulfill dreams.

I’m ready.

I’ve told you about my sister, now, ask me about my mother.

Maria Del Rosso
Director, Fauquier Public Library

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