A Message From the Director: January 2022

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Picture of Maria Del Rosso sitting at desk in front of window

Can I have a do over?

Often invoked by kids in the heat of a backyard game, the chance to try again is just as appealing to adults who want to get something right or erase a painful memory.

Perhaps a new year can provide an opportunity to turn your life upside down like an etch-a-sketch, give it a good shake, and begin again with a clean slate.

So, what would you like a second chance on or to try for the first time?

Is this the year that you’ll eat better, go for walks, meditate, or sleep the night through?

The library offers a multitude of resources for exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness.  Explore these to learn and practice healthy habits that can help you thrive instead of just survive.

Maybe you’ve resolved to get your financial house in order.  Keeping your spending within your means, being financially prepared for emergencies or planning for the future are great goals and may help you sleep easier at night.  Ask our talented reference librarians to recommend books and articles you’ll need to help you along the way.

Acquiring new skills like how to draw, paint, knit, or produce excellent photographs are great ways to keep your mind sharp and survive the long hours of isolation brought on by COVID.  The library’s ready to help with a large selection of how-to books, magazine articles and easy-to-follow videos.

The Buddha says, “No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.”

Such hope.  New year, fresh slate, good goals.

So, whether you take the sandlot or Zen approach to try again, it doesn’t matter.

“Just do it.”


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