Growing Gardens, Episode 8: Favorite Trees

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Most of us don’t have our own arboretum in the back yard, but Tom Baughn does.  Join him in the latest Growing Gardens as he introduces 10 of his favorite trees and spotlights the unique features that have earned them a spot in his yard.

Have you ever seen a Heptacodium (Seven Sons Flower Tree) bloom in the Fall, not once, but twice.  Talk about wow factor!

Cities use the Zelkova because it is so tolerant of urban pollution, but add the Ogon Zelkova to your yard and admire its unusual orange bark.

The native Easter Red Cedar is popular, but try pruning the the lower branches to admire the way the trunk grows.

Watch Part 1 of this virtual tour or catch up on any prior episodes of Growing Gardens on demand.

Be on the lookout for Episode 8: Favorite Trees, Part II next month.

Tom Baughn has been a Master Gardener since 2003.  He has put his knowledge to work converting a blank slate of five acres in Fauquier County into his personal gardening oasis. His horticulture philosophy? Do the research, and then engage trial and error until there is not much of the error.


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