Consumer Reports October 2021: Smarter Shopping

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Read. Shop. Buy smart.

Are you looking forward to the holiday shopping season?  Find out how to get the best deals and save money at the store or online in “Our New Guide to Smarter Shopping.” Here you’ll find tips on “How to Navigate Shortages & Price Hikes.” This is advice you can use for shopping anywhere, from big box stores to second hand shops.    

What ever happened to those good old days when you could return bottles and cans for cash?  Are we headed back in that direction or are we more likely to have to pay a fee for the disposables we use?  “The Big Problem with Plastic” explains the plastic recycling process and learn about innovations aimed at minimizing the environmental harm they cause.

Too much candy is hard to avoid when Halloween rolls around.  When you’re munching through that sack of treats and wondering: “What Does 100 Calories Look Like?” this article will do the trick by exposing how many calories are in your favorite treats.  Read it if you dare!

What is the truth about bread?  Is it bad for you?  If not, what is the best kind to buy?  Find out the grainy, nutty, seedy truth about the breads you see in the store, and learn to understand what the label really says.  Here are some facts about nutrition that will help you make a good choice next time you shop.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • “Get the Best Vacuum for Your Home” 
  • “Choose a Great Humidifier for Winter”
  • “Create a Multiroom Sound System” 
  • “The Best Way to Hand-Wash Your Dishes”
  • “Make a Meal in Your Toaster Oven”
  • “Adjustable At-Home Weights”

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