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If you have a budding Einstein at your house, or just enjoy learning about the natural world around you, check out these resources.

Tumblebooks Library*

What happens when you take existing picture books, then add animation, sounds, music and narration? You get TumbleBooks Library, an electronic picture book collection that teaches kids the joy of reading! In addition to the wide array of read-along chapter books, games, puzzles and books in Spanish and French, it also includes nonfiction titles in categories such as “Animals,” “Geography,” “Science,” “Insects” and “Seasons.”  TumbleBooks Library is perfect for children kindergarten – grade five. Access it online anytime from home or at the library, or download the TumbleBooksToGo app free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Gale In Context: Elementary*

Children learn best when there are fewer barriers to learning. That’s why Gale’s popular, kid-friendly student database, Gale In Context: Elementary, matches how students naturally navigate online. This visually compelling resource gives children a safe place to find answers to their questions, practice research skills and explore interests inside and outside the classroom. Topics to explore include Plants, Science and Technology.

Access Science, Universal Class* and Great Courses*

Older learners, including high school students and adults, can choose from numerous resources to learn about and explore the world of science.

Success is at your fingertips with AccessScience. Combining multimedia, video biographies, information on the latest discoveries and scientific breakthroughs and articles covering all scientific disciplines, students have access to the STEM knowledge they need to be successful.

Serious students and casual learners alike can choose from more than a dozen science courses offered by Universal Class, including microbiology, astronomy and chemistry. Looking for another subject? It’s easy to drill down to the precise subject area you want to explore, including math, accounting, history and language arts. And because it is self-paced, students can learn anytime, anywhere.

With courses in everything from Agriculture & Geology to Zoology, Great Courses provides learners with a wealth of knowledge. Download the Kanopy App for Apple or Android for free access to Great Courses via Kanopy. When you’re done studying, relax with Kanopy’s collection of nearly 30,000 movies and videos.

Access to these and many other resources is free with your library card. Don’t have a library card? It’s easy to apply online or at the nearest Fauquier Public Library location.

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