Good Birding Episode 5: June is Nesting Season

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Dr. Wiedenfeld is back with Episode 5 of Good Birding. All the birds are nesting this month, probably in your yard and around your house, no matter where you live in Fauquier County. Learn what to look for and how to keep the birds happy and healthy. You can catch up on past episodes as well – view them on-demand.

The American Bird Conservancy video Creating a Hummingbird Paradise at Home is a great resource too!  Or check out the following books from your local Fauquier Public Library:

Attracting Birds and Butterflies: How to Plant a Backyard Habitat to Attract Winged Wildlife by Barbara Ellis

Birds, Bees and Butterflies: Bringing Nature Into Your Yard and Garden by Nancy J. Hajeski

Gardening for Birds, Butterflies & Bees: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Wildlife Habitat in your backyard by the editors of Birds & Blooms magazine

Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds: A Bird-by-Bird Guide to Favored Plants by Rachel Lanicci

Dr. Wiedenfeld is Senior Conservation Scientist for the American Bird Conservancy, and helps to develop species protection projects and plan conservation projects throughout the western hemisphere. He is active in designing monitoring programs for reserves, in evaluating wind power effects on birds, and in reducing seabird bycatch in ocean fisheries.


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