A Message From the Director: February 2021

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Picture of Maria Del Rosso sitting at desk in front of windowThis morning as I sipped my coffee, I watched a Carolina Wren and a Dark-eyed Junco take turns at the feeder in our back yard.  I’m not alone in watching birds peck away at seeds or hop around our birdbath.  According to the National Audubon Society, bird watching has soared in popularity during the pandemic as more people stay at home and pay attention to what is going on in their back yard.

If you’re a fledgling bird watcher and can’t tell the difference between a Tufted Titmouse and a White-breasted Nuthatch, don’t despair.  The library has loads of books, DVDs, and magazines about birds and bird watching for children and adults.  Here are some of our favorites.

Speaking of birds, we’re pleased to have recruited Dr. David Wiedenfeld of the American Bird Conservancy to do a series of short videos about birds and birdwatching.  First up is the Great Backyard Bird Count.

As Dr. Wiedenfeld explains, this count, scheduled for February 12-15, is an opportunity for you and me to produce data that will help scientists understand more about what birds do in winter, how many there are and where they are.

To celebrate Black History Month, our librarians focused on a myriad of Black authors writing and illustrating for young readers.  From local award winning illustrator Ashleigh Corrin (Layla’s Happiness) to Kwame Alexander’s The Undefeated, these picture books showcase Black figures – their history, challenges and triumphs.  The books’ words and illustrations can spark a discussion about diverse perspectives — something that is welcome in today’s world when empathy can be in short supply.

And, of course, there’s always Valentine’s Day.  Don’t let this sweet occasion slip by in the everyday grind of pandemic life.  Forget pasta and beans for dinner and go big.  How about Julia Child’s beef bourguignon or crab cakes Baltimore style?  And, for dessert, a fudgy brownie cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

All those recipes and so much more can be found in our bountiful cookbook collection.

For those given to snipping out red construction paper hearts, books on homemade Valentine cards, bookmarks and mobiles abound.
So get out the glue and glitter and sprinkle that love around.

Take heart (forgive the pun), dear friends.  February’s sunrises are glorious and the sun sets later.  Soon we’ll be talking seeds and gardens.

Until then—stay safe, healthy and keep reading.

Maria Del Rosso
Director, Fauquier Public Library


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