Building Challenge: Week 5

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Our month-long building challenge is almost complete. We hope you have had fun building cool creations, using your imagination and getting creative! It’s time to once again grab some LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, wooden blocks or anything else you like to build with and see if you can complete this week’s challenge!

How the Challenge Works
Each Sunday we will post a building challenge; you decide what kinds of materials to use to build it. Get creative – try LEGO’s, Lincoln Logs, even paper!

Once you have finished your creation, share what you have made on our Facebook or Twitter page using the hashtag #buildingfpl so we can all enjoy it!

Week 5 Challenge
This week we challenge you to build your favorite animal

Need other ideas? Here are a few books for young builders and creators, all available at your local Fauquier Public Library.

Miss a week? No problem!
Week 1:  Build Something You Can Wear
Week 2: Build Something Using No More Than 20 Blocks or Pieces
Week 3: Build Your Castle or Dream House
Week 4:  Build Something All One Color

We hope you have enjoy the Building Challenge! Watch for more fun, virtual programs from the friendly librarians at Fauquier Public Library.

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