Comics and Graphic Novels: Not Just For Kids

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Comics and graphic novels are increasingly popular, appealing to children, teens and adults.  If you haven’t picked one up since childhood, here is a refresher:

Although the terms comics and graphic novels are often used interchangeably, generally graphic novels are stand-alone stories and comics are serialized ongoing works, often issued on a weekly or monthly basis. Popular superhero comics readily come to mind – Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and Batman.  What unites all these stories is that they are told through sequential artwork. Both also cover all subjects and often tell important stories. And both are increasingly popular among all age groups. In fact, in recent years, sales of both graphic novels and comics have risen.

Fauquier Public Library’s collection includes comics and graphic novels as described above, but also memoirs, travelogues and non-fiction.

If you haven’t read a comic or graphic novel recently (or ever!), Fauquier Public Library has a large selection to choose from and they are now easier than ever to find – look for the new Comics and Graphic Novels section at each library location, or browse the catalog to get started.



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