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Man at school table with male and female studentThe Fauquier County Public Library has a wide variety of e-resources, available free to library patrons. EBSCO LearningExpress Library is just one of the many online learning options that can help improve your skills and knowledge to make your academic and professional goals a reality. Choose from tutorials, practice tests, e-books and flashcards for academic skill-building, standardized and professional exam prep, and career development.

The extensive content is conveniently organized into centers, including Career Prep, College Admissions Testing Preparation and the School Center.  Select the center that best meets your objectives and begin exploring the helpful resources and informative guidance pages.

Elementary students can use LearningExpress to improve their math or language arts skills; middle school students can also sharpen their social study skills or prepare for numerous high school entrance exams such as the the SSAT;  high schoolers can choose from all of these, as well as improve their science and technology skills.

Considering college or graduate school?  Students can prepare for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP exams or learn how to write a college admissions essay. The College Students center also includes test prep for graduate school admissions exams, including the GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT!

Ready to get started? Create an account, log in and begin exploring.  Watch the helpful video user guides (accessed through the “Help” drop down menu, under “Video Guides.”) to learn how to take advantage of everything LearningExpress offers.

Whether you homeschool, want an edge up on your college or graduate admissions exams, or simply want to improve your math and verbal skills, LearningExpress Library will help you succeed.


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