Honey Bees Up Close: Let’s Get Familiar

Posted by Aaron on

How much do you know about the honey bees buzzing around your yard?

Recent research on honey bees has identified many fascinating capabilities.  Colonies of about 50,000 female workers control food gathering and long-term storage, hive protection, swarming and queen replacement, among other duties.  These tasks are made possible by a combination of communication skills and the evolution of specialized body parts.

Join us at the next Sunday with the Library to learn more about the insects we rely on for 30% of our food.

*This program will be more about bees, the insect, and less about honey and bee keeping.

The presenters are Doug and Ramona Morris, local beekeepers from Delaplane, with 14 years of experience. Their affiliations include Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah, Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association, and Friends of Sky Meadows.

Marshall Community Center: Sunday, September 8, 2 p.m.
Free; no registration required.

For more information about library programs, check the online events calendar, pick up a calendar of events at any branch, or stop by and speak to a reference librarian.

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