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Find your “Beach Read” at Friends of the Fauquier Library’s Book Cellar

What is a “beach read” anyway? Some think the summer months are time to lighten up, even when it comes to what you read. They want something not too challenging, or heavy (literally and figuratively), a not-too-thick page-turner that sucks you in from page one and makes you forget that it’s raining and the bored kids or grandkids are bickering in the next room of your suddenly-too-small cabin.

Some thriller readers say they save the “darker” books for the sunny months, when reading about serial killers or other psychopaths on the loose doesn’t have the same power to make them jump at the slightest noise or afraid of the shade.

Bibliophile friends look askance at the very notion that you would read anything but your usual favorite fare whether you are on vacation or not.

Personally, I used to be afraid to take good books on vacation, lest you get sand in them or leave sunscreen prints on the pages (certainly not library books). I often leave the hardbacks behind in exotic places so I can fit in the souvenirs I couldn’t resist, particularly on overseas trips where weight or size matters.

Then I discovered the Friends of the Fauquier Library Book Cellar, where one dollar buys most hardbacks or trade paperbacks and 50 cents purchases a small paperback. At that price, who cares if it’s behind or gets wet, fiction or non-fiction—especially children’s books. Every summer cottage needs a half-full bookshelf.

If you still want that lighter “beach read” try one of Jimmy Buffet’s dozen-plus novels. Or any number of other authors who write about the “Lake House,” “Beach House,” “Cape Cod” or “Mango Sunsets,” “Maine” or “Florida”. There’s some of each in the Book Cellar.

Some authors, like Nicholas Sparks, are always on vacation. James Patterson and John Grisham also have books that involve vacations and dozens of others that are about work, but only if you are an investigator or a lawyer.

Or check out the section called “Award Winners.” Someone liked these books enough to give them a prize—say Mr. Pulitzer or Mr. Nobel. There’s a section on “Made into TV and Movies”—you might be surprised how much better the book is (“Game of Thrones” fans, take note). As for non-fiction, you can find guidebooks to the places you are going or want to go. You can commemorate D-Day by reading about the war it won.

The best thing about the Book Cellar, besides the prices, is that your neighbors have donated every title. So if you want to know what were “bestsellers” a couple of years ago, drop in and see which authors are on the shelves. The great people who work there are volunteers, so all the proceeds go to the Fauquier County Public Library. When you get back from the beach, there will be brand new titles on the library shelves.

The Book Cellar is located in the basement of the John Barton Payne Bldg., 2 Courthouse Square, Warrenton.  It is open Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Pat Reilly
Volunteer, Friends of the Fauquier Library Book Cellar

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