Consumer Reports May 2019: What to do about Robocalls?

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Cover of May 2019 issue of Consumer Reports magazineDid you know that the Federal Trade Commission gets more complaints about robocalls than anything else? Over 48 billion robocalls were placed to U.S. phones in 2018. These calls are an annoyance to almost everyone; is there anything we can do to stop them? Check out the May issue of Consumer Reports for tips on how to protect yourself, and for the latest information on what is being done to minimize these calls.

If you’re looking to replace the windows in your home, or install new ones, check out the “Window Shopping”  with tips on how to interpret the information on a window sticker, and reviews of vinyl, wood, and composite replacement windows.

We love our ice cream! A recent survey by the market research firm Mintel found that almost 90 percent of the those surveyed had purchased ice cream in the last six months. But the calories, sugars and fat in ice cream is a concern for the health-conscious; hence the popularity of brands advertised as light, low-fat, non-dairy, etc. Consumer Reports recently reviewed 13 “healthier” frozen desserts, including light and low-fat ice creams, frozen yogurt and nondairy frozen desserts. The results are included in “Can Ice Cream Ever Be Good for You?”

The rising cost for traditional cable TV services and streaming services has been a concern lately. “The Best of Free TV” lists several streaming services that offer free viewing content streamed to your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV. The article has a list of these services and the requirements for use, along with reviews for streaming media players.

Also included in this issue:

  • CBD (cannabidiol, a cannabis compound)
  • “Can We Save More Lives?” on safer car technology and more
  • Reviews for all-wheel drive SUVs and luxury cars

Consumer Reports magazine is available in print and online to Fauquier County Public Library card holders, providing access to articles, reviews and ratings on over 8,000 products and services. The library has copies of Consumer Reports dating back to 2015.

To access Consumer Reports online free from the library’s website, click on the research tab and browse the alphabetical listing of databases for Consumer Reports Online.

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