10 Tools to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We all begin the new year with plans and good intentions for changing habits, healthy eating or exercise regimens to improve our overall lives and surroundings. Sometimes, however, we may try to accomplish more at one time than we can handle, initial enthusiasm wanes, or we haven’t identified the right resolution for us personally. This has a great impact on the success of what we want to accomplish; it’s no surprise that more than half of all resolutions fail.

How do we make our new year’s resolutions stick?

Setting a goal and having a plan to reach it is the most important step to keeping a resolution. Start small, maybe start with just one project, and give yourself a reasonable time frame to accomplish it. Choosing a goal that is personal and not one others are telling you to choose is also key. And remember that perfection is not the goal – accomplishing the goal is.

Most importantly, ask for support from friends, family, a professional organization – or your local library.

There are great resources at the library that can help you get started with whatever your new year’s goal is. Stop by and browse, or ask the reference librarian to assist you in finding the right resource – a book, magazine or online class. The list of tools below can help you get started.

Here’s to a successful new year for you!

Cheryl Crow, Warrenton central library

  1. Photo of author Michelle Singletary7 Money Mantras for a Richer Life: How to Live Well With the Money you Have by Michelle Singletary
  2. Food Can Fix It: The Superfood Switch to Fight Fat, Defy Aging, and Eat Your way Healthy by Mehmet Oz
  3. Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? By Mark Hyman
  4. Good Housekeeping Simple Household Wisdom: 425 Easy Ways to Clean & Organize Your Home edited by Sara Lyle Bow
  5. Have a New You by Friday: How to Accept Yourself, Boost Your Confidence & Change Your Life in 5 Days by Kevin Leman
  6. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying directed by David Swift
  7. The Real Simple Method to Organizing Every Room: And how to Keep it That Way by the editors of Real Simple
  8. Book Cover of Stuffology 101Stuffology 101: Get Your Mind out of the Clutter by Brenda Avadian and Eric M. Riddle
  9. *This Year I Will… How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution, or Make a Dream Come True by M.J. Ryan
  10. **Yoga for a New You

*Available through RB Digital: Download the RB Digital app and register. Then browse from the app or the library’s website (select E-Media).

**Free online course available through UniversalClass: Start at fauquierlibrary.org, select “E-Media,” under e-learning select “UniversalClass;” register in just a few easy steps and begin learning something new. Free with your library card. Don’t have a library card.  Apply for a library card online or stop by your local library today!

[This article originally appeared in the January 23 edition of The Fauquier Times.]

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