Consumer Reports January 2019

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Consumer Reports January 2019 Cover Read. Shop. Buy smart.

Health screenings are a part of preventive health care. But often the screenings are done too frequently, not at all, or with inaccurate tests. The January issue of Consumer Reports, available at your local Fauquier County Public Library, looks at 18 different screenings including bone density, cholesterol, and skin cancer, with information on why the screening is done and for whom it’s recommended.

Consistent exercise is proven to be good for people, but according to the latest survey by the Physical Activity Council, more than a quarter of all Americans get virtually no exercise. While climbing and walking are some of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise, many people prefer to exercise alone at home. Check out this issue’s ratings for treadmills and ellipticals.

Pasta and sauce is a quick and easy comfort food meal for many Americans. In 2017, Americans spent around $2.6 billion on ready-made pasta sauces. Tomato sauce counts toward the 2-3 cups of vegetables recommended per day; although some jarred tomato-based sauces are high in sodium and sugar, many are still healthy options. In this issue, the Consumer Reports team of nutritionists and professional food tasters rate the taste and nutritional value of 35 tomato-based sauces.

Consumer Reports magazine is available in print and online to Fauquier County Public Library card holders, providing access to articles, reviews and ratings on over 8,000 products and services. The library has copies of Consumer Reports dating back to 2015.



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