Tools For The New School Year

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Three students sitting on wall using smart phone, tables and laptopA new school year has begun and students of all ages will be looking for tools and resources to help them tackle tough subjects, prepare for SAT’s or find reliable sources for research papers.  Here are some of our favorite tools for students to get you started:

Begin with the Basics

Need basic background information on a topic?
Britannica for Children, Britannica for Young Adults and World Book Online provide links to vetted websites, atlases, timelines and more. Versions for children and teens, even adults, are available.

Looking for supporting articles on your topic? Be sure to try America’s News from Newsbank, which includes over a thousand local, regional and national newspapers.  Be sure to explore the Special Reports section covering topics like School and Campus Security, World Politics and Government and Issues in the News. It even includes “hometown” and regional papers, providing a localized perspective you won’t find in national publications.

Advanced Research

Global warming. Minimum wage. The effects of junk food.  There is no shortage of debatable topics in the national conversation. Finding the most trustworthy information and insights can bolster any side of the issue, but it can also be time consuming. That’s where Opposing Viewpoints in Context comes in.  Build your case with video and audio clips, interactive maps focusing on trends, major coverage in New York Times, Newsweek and more.

If you find the task of analyzing themes and context of literature in your English course daunting, check out Bloom’s Literature. Students in grades six through college will find critiques of many books presented in the classroom. With information on thousands of authors and their works, an overview of characters and articles on topics and themes, Bloom’s Literature can help students excel in their study of literature.

College Bound and Beyond

Students preparing to take the PSAT, SAT, ACT or AP tests (and numerous other standardized tests) can prepare by taking full-length practice exams and diagnostic pre-tests with Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC).

Ready to start applying to colleges?  Get a jump-start on college planning with TERC’s easy-to-search database of more than 4,000 schools, including academics, admission requirements, campus life, tuition and more.

Worried about how to pay for it? Search for scholarships, pinpoint tuition costs and calculate college savings.

To explore these and more amazing tools for students of all ages go to These tools are free with your Fauquier County Public Library card. Don’t have a
library card? Stop by your local library or apply for a library card online.

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