PBS Launches The Great American Read

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PBS recently announced The Great American Read List of America’s 100 Favorite Novels. The Great American Read is part of a new PBS series and multi-platform initiative that celebrates the joy of reading and books we love.  The list was chosen through a national survey of 7,200 individuals.

Great American ReadThe list is the first step in The Great American Read’s quest to choose “America’s Best-Loved Novel” and, according to Paula Kerger, PBS President and CEO, is intended to “inspire a national conversation about beloved books and the power of reading.”

The List of America’s 100 Favorite Novels is limited to fiction books from anywhere in the world, as long as it was published in English. It contains books as far back as the 1600s, includes beloved world literature and contemporary best sellers and represents diverse categories from classics to sci-fi/fantasy.  Fauquier County Public Library’s collection includes almost every title that appears on the list, in diverse formats including print, book on CD, e-book and e-audio.

Voting for “America’s Best-Loved Novel” opened with the launch of the two-hour premiere episode on May 22 and will continue throughout the summer online, through social media, by phone and SMS texting. A series of documentaries with celebrities, authors, fans and everyday American’s about how particular books have influenced them and American culture will also air on PBS.

Join the Great American Read at your library

In the wake of the first Fauquier Community Read, Fauquier County Public Library knows first-hand the deep connection the community has to reading. “Over 800 people checked out “Thunder Dog” by Michael Hingson during the 2018 Fauquier Community Read and hundreds more attended events that were part of the program. That is a clear testament to the importance and love of reading in our community,” noted Maria Del Rosso.

There are several ways you can join in the Great American Read at your local library:

  • Pick up a copy of America’s 100 Favorite Novels list at your local library or check out the list, arranged by genre, with convenient links directly to the library’s catalog.
  • Browse our Great American Read display. Beginning June 1 a different genre from the list will be on display.
  • Read any book on the America’s 100 Favorite Novels list and use it to cross off a square on your Library Bingo card (part of the adult summer reading program beginning June 1).
  • Visit our Facebook page and post the title of your favorite book from the America’s 100 Favorite Novels list, using #GreatReadFCPL.
  • Watch for details about other ways to join the Great American Read at your local library coming later this summer.

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