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While I enjoy reading to learn about history, science and other subjects, and certainly enjoy a good tearjerker from time to time, there’s no doubt that a good funny or lighthearted read is needed from time to time. I’m sure many of you could use a fun and funny read right now (I am in the home stretch of Ron Chernow’s invigorating but massive biography of Ulysses S. Grant, and I seriously need something quick and fun before I start the new doorstopper biography of Herbert Hoover that I’ve been eager to read for months), so here are some light, fun and funny reads.

I love Doreen Cronin’s Chicken Squad easy chapter book series; each is one is as hilarious as the previous one. The Chicken Squad is thrust yet again into another crazy mystery on the farm. Something weird is following Sugar, and Poppy’s shoe (the one that keeps her safe) is missing! It’s not necessary to read the other three books in the series before starting Dark Shadows: Yes, Another Misadventure, but you’ll definitely want to read them after reading this one!

Henny, Penny, Lenny, Denny, and Mike arrived just when we introduced a new “castle” to our beta fish, who was quite wary of it for several days, so I found it extremely timely. Life is pretty good for these five fish…except for “clean the tank day.” They’re not terribly fond of the snail that also resides in the tank, but they mostly ignore him. However, things quickly get out of hand when a strange new castle appears in the fish tank! That snail might come in handy after all….

Jada Jones: Rock Star isn’t laugh out loud “ha ha” funny, but it’s a sweet and realistic story about friendship, making new friends, and discovering new interests. Jada’s best friend and fellow rock enthusiast has moved away; as a result, Jada is struggling to find a new friend group. She bonds with her new teammates on the class rock project…except for one, who really doesn’t like anything Jada suggests. Can Jada and her team partner find compromises–and can Jada be open to discovering new interests? This charmer is a kickoff to a new series that I will eagerly watch (Jada Jones: Class Act is its great sequel).

I seriously cannot wait to find out who wins Next Best Junior Chef! Lights, Camera, Cook! (Next Best Junior Chef) is the opener to this awesome trilogy centered on a reality show competition featuring four talented young chefs. The competition is quite stiff, with all sorts of surprises and drama that you would expect in such a high-stakes competition! Cooking tips and techniques are included for readers inspired to get creative in the kitchen. Although you won’t be screaming with laughter, it’s definitely lots of fun to read.

Wedgie and Gizmo, on the other hand, might literally make you LOL. Children’s novels narrated by animals are nothing new, and can be difficult to pull off. That’s not a problem for Suzanne Selfors, who is an expert at animal narratives! Gizmo (the guinea pig) is plotting world domination, but is frequently derailed by Jasmine (who loves to dress him up), Abuela (who Gizmo suspects wants to eat him), and Wedgie…an overexcited corgi who loves to run around in his cape, as he is convinced that he is a superhero. Gizmo and Wedgie are both trying to adjust to their new living arrangements, as is their new blended family. Co-narrated by Wedgie and Gizmo, this is a hilarious story of new beginnings and even possible friendship (or at least grudging acceptance). Wedgie and Gizmo’s adventures will continue, but not soon enough!

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Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library

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