Staff Pick: A Fairy Tale for the Teen Reader

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Among children and teens, summer is a chance to relax after the hectic schedule of a long school year. What better way to unwind than by immersing yourself in a good book? While on vacation, allow your imagination to be transported far away by this fresh pick.

“The Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale

For adolescent readers who appreciate the art of storytelling, or for anyone who has never fallen out of love with fairy tales, “The Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale could be a new favorite. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm story of the same name, Hale’s reworking expands and develops the classic princess tale for today’s teen audience.

Princess Ani has trained all her life to be the future queen of Kildenree, a position that feels more like an obligation than an honor. Unlike her friend and lady-in-waiting Selia, Ani has always felt more comfortable in the palace stables or by the swan pond than among the court. But when her mother arranges Ani’s betrothal to the crown prince of neighboring Bayern, the princess must leave her life and kingdom behind in order to keep peace between the nations.

Without delay, she embarks on the long journey to meet her future husband but is soon betrayed by Selia and her guards. When the princess’s company emerges from the forest road, an imposter wears the crown, and Ani has fled to the heart of Bayern. There she finds work as a goose girl, feeling more at home among the rural shepherds and flock tenders than she ever did in the palace.

Yet when Selia’s deceit threatens to destroy the two nations, Ani must find a way to prove her identity and take back her name.

In a fully-realized fairy tale setting, “The Goose Girl” brings all the classic elements of the genre to life. Hale’s storytelling revives daring princesses, clever animals and the language of magic for an audience wanting to enjoy their favorite tales with a developed palate. Great for readers grades six to nine and beyond.

Children and teens can use this pick to participate in Fauquier Library’s Reading by Design summer program by logging their reading minutes online. For adults playing Library Bingo, read “The Goose Girl” and X “Classic children’s or young adult novel” or “Part of a series” on your bingo card.

∼ Caroline Kessler, Library Intern, Warrenton central library

Staff Picks: A Fairy Tale for the Teen Reader first appeared in the 19 edition of Fauquier Times

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