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Let’s say you’re day-dreaming about opening your own business. Maybe a bakery. Or maybe an antique/collectibles shop. And you’d like to open it in your hometown of Winchester, Virginia. Time to do to some research using your library card and the Small Business Reference Center

  • How many bakeries are in Winchester? (9)
  • What were estimated sales for baked goods stores in Winchester in 2017? ($2.7 million)
  • What about sales of used goods in Winchester for the same time period? ($6.4 million)

Maybe you should open a combination antiques/collectibles shop and bakery!

The above information was obtained from the 2017 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook (Barnes Reports) for Baked Goods Stores and the United States Product & Retail Outlook for 2016, both available via the Small Business Reference Center.

The Small Business Reference Center was recently added to the library’s collection of online business and personal finance resources and is one of many ways the library supports Fauquier County’s entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Topics covered by this new e-resource include:

  • Business basics from marketing your business to how tax deductions work
  • Tips on buying and selling a business
  • State-specific information such as demographic data, licenses and permits and more
  • Front cover of Nolo's How to Write a Business PlanStart-up kits and business plans
  • Industry information by small business type
  • Exclusive full text for hundreds of top consumer small business reference books such as Nolo’s Quick LLC, Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit and How to Write a Business Plan
  • More than 600 videos from the Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series and other providers covering diverse topics such as brand positioning, managing change and “do-it-yourself” IPOs

Whether you’re just contemplating being your own boss or looking to improve or expand your existing small business, the Small Business Reference Center, along with the library’s other small business resources, is worth checking out!

~ Alison, Electronic Resources Librarian

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