Staff Picks: Books for Summer Fun

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With our fun-filled summer reading program under way, Warrenton Youth Services staff is eager to share their favorite stories about hot summer days! Beach Feet by Kiyomi Konagaya. Illustrated by Masamitsu Saito book cover

Beach Feet by Kiyomi Konagaya

“Beach Feet” transports you to a bright day at the beach from the perspective of a young child. Meghan Gurdon, book critic at “The Wall Street Journal,” wrote ‘There is such a feeling of seaside exuberance in Masamitsu Saito’s illustrations for “Beach Feet” that as you turn the pages you can almost taste the salty spray. In delicious vivid colors, we follow a small boy as he relishes a day at the beach through the sensations of his feet: The “ow,ow,ow!” of baking sand, the “ahhh” of wet, cool sand and the splash of cold waves.’ I borrowed “Beach Feet” from the library for my 2-year-old granddaughter’s first trip to the beach. The book exactly portrayed her own experiences and we had to read it over and over and over at her request. She carefully placed her own little feet on the illustrated cover and back of the book and she “read” the final word of each phrase on a page. I eventually bought “Beach Feet” for her; it remains a favorite bedtime book. I highly recommend this book for a summer read!

∼ Ellen, Youth Services Assistant

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim by Deb Lucke

It’s time for pools to open for the summer, and some of you are no doubt preparing for a first swimming lesson, or remembering what it was like to take your first courageous plunge into the pool. In “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim,” Eric is spending his summer on dry land. He’s afraid of the water and refuses to get in. How embarrassing it is that his little sister has already learned to swim and he has not. Eric expresses his frustration by creating some amusing poolside havoc such as yelling that there’s spit in the pool! Sharks about! Baby pee! A tsunami! The cartoonish illustrations of this picture book are every bit as entertaining as the writing. Find out what brings Eric to take the plunge and see what he’s refusing to do now!

∼ Becca, Youth Services Assistant

One Hot Summer Day by Nina Crews

When it’s too hot to do anything but eat grape popsicles and draw chalk pictures in the shade, don’t you wish for a thunderstorm to (temporarily) cool things down…or at least cool down the playground equipment? That’s exactly how the young girl in “One Hot Summer Day” feels! With bright vibrant photographs of a young girl exploring her urban surroundings, this is a beautiful capture of a hot and lazy summer day and the very welcome thunderstorm.

∼ Jennifer, Youth Services Librarian

One Hot Summer Day by Nina Crews book cover

Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? by Bonnie Lass and Philemon Sturges

In this illustrated version of the traditional game Ashley Wolff uses beautifully illustrates the story in the desert with bold, bright pictures of desert animals following clues to solve the mystery of the empty cookie jar. The happy conclusion is a mesa-top picnic with the perpetrators of the crime. This is a particularly fun book for one-on-one time, following all the clues and trying to guess ‘who-done-it’ while learning something about the habits of desert critters.

∼ Nancy, Youth Services Assistant

Book listsreviews from our book clubs and favorites from library staff are great resources when searching for your next book. Or stop by the reference desk at your local library.



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