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Summer means lots of things to many people: vacations, swimming, more time to play with friends…and more time for fun reading! We just ordered some amazing sounding titles for June-July and I can’t wait to have them in our libraries. Here are just some of the titles that I can’t wait to read this summer:

When middle schooler Kelly’s charge gets kidnapped by monsters, it’s up to her–and a secret babysitting league–to save the world (without embarrassing herself at the middle school Halloween dance, of course!). Kirkus Reviews calls A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting “[A] series opener that melds Goosebumps and The Babysitters Club with ironic glue.”

Want a meaningful patriotic read for Independence Day? Blue Sky White Stars‘s tribute to the American flag “gives new life to Old Glory for young readers” (Kirkus Reviews). Kadir Nelson is a giant in illustration, so this is extra special.

Chasing Space (Young Readers' Edition) by Lelan Melvin book cover If the name Leland Melvin isn’t instantly familiar to you, you may be familiar with his NASA portrait, which included his beloved (rescue!) dogs, Jake and Scout. His 2009 portrait has gone viral several times, introducing the former NFL draftee and Virginia native to the nation. His memoir, “Chasing Space,” will be released simultaneously in its original memoir for adults and in a young readers’ edition. Melvin’s success as an astronaut did not come easily; after suffering injuries that prematurely ended his NFL aspirations, he experienced a training accident that left him deaf in one ear and almost ended his astronaut career. No reviews yet for the young reader’s’ edition, but the adult memoir is drawing praise for his honesty and candor.

Imagine getting a message that you’re being watched by aliens. While trying to fend off the impending alien threat, he’s also trying to find his cat and get his homework finished on time! Do Not Open (Marty Pants) is perfect for “fans of goofy, illustrated novels” (School Library Journal).

A Dog Like Daisy by Kristin O'Donnell Tubb book cover

With that fabulous cover, I don’t expect A Dog Like Daisy to stay on our new shelves for long! Daisy has been chosen to be a service dog for a veteran dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but it’s not exactly working out well. However, she discovers that finding a new purpose will be a great way to serve another family. Told from Daisy’s point of view (“petting is a joy like sunshine”), “A Dog Like Daisy” is receiving great reviews for its charm, originality and a honest depiction of a veteran surviving PTSD.

When an asbestos situation causes her school to immediately close (in the middle of an important baseball game), Gabby transfers to an exclusive private school, where she develops a playbook for getting on the baseball team and making friends. When those plans fail, she makes plans to join the school’s dismal hockey team. Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook has been called “[H]ilarious and joyful” (Kirkus Reviews); can’t wait to read it!

Rolling Thunder follows a young boy and his grandfather as they journey to and participate in the annual Rolling Thunder event on Memorial Day. This will be a great addition to our Memorial Day book collections!

This is just a sample of the awesome books coming our way! Check out Wowbrary for even more titles.

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Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library

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