Consumer Reports May 2017: Heart Matters

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Check out this information in the May issue of Consumer Reports:

Heart Health

Did you know that approximately 790,000 American have heart attacks each year? And that one in seven deaths is caused by heart disease? Studies show that you may have more control over your heart health than previously thought. Check out the article “Take Charge of Your Heart Health,” which includes sections on understanding the stages of heart disease, gender, “slowing down the rush to heart surgery,” heart-healthy diets and cholesterol and blood pressure drugs. The article also includes ratings for blood pressure monitors and top-scoring hospitals for heart bypass surgery and aortic valve replacement.Lawn Mowers

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about lawn care, and lawn mowers in particular.  The size and slope of your lawn should dictate what kind of lawn mower you need–a walk-behind (push) mower or a riding mower. Check out the reviews for both kinds in this month’s issue.

Taking Videos

Do you remember those large shoulder-mounted camcorders, or ones mounted on a tripod? Those are quickly disappearing with the advent of smaller, more versatile action cams. Many smartphones also take good-quality videos.  “How to Shoot Great Video” includes ratings for both. Remember these the next time you need to shoot video of a wedding, graduation or your child’s school play.


Who doesn’t like pasta? You may have noticed that stores are starting to carry pasta that is not made from the traditional semolina wheat flour, but from other grains (quinoa) or legumes (chickpeas, lentils). But are these “alternative  pastas” really better for you?  “A New Twist on Pasta” discusses these new pastas, possible health benefits, cost and taste.

Also in this issue:

  • Ratings for home interior paints
  • How to talk with your family about money 
  • For-profit ambulance companies
  • High-end sedan and full-sized SUV ratings

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