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We see trends come and go. For 2017,  planners are all the rage. I know, I know, with smartphones and apps it is pretty easy to stay organized. But how do you release your creativity with your smartphone calendar?

Honestly, I was skeptic of this, I was on the scrapbook trend when it first became popular, but now I have been introduced to some great products, not to mention beautiful papers and I am a hooked. I’m quickly learning that this can be an expensive hobby, so I’ve consulted the library for some creative ways to use what I already have (storage container under my spare bed is full of cardstock- but don’t tell my husband).

The book Beautiful Paper Cutting says it all. The title had me at beautiful paper, because, I in fact love papers. Just ask my crafting friends. This book includes 30 paper projects and easy to follow instructions. From greeting cards to jewelry and a list of supplies, this is a must read for the beginner, but it’s also a great refresher. I even managed to create my own Sticky Note Holder (p. 63) from supplies I already had. It doesn’t have to be expensive: reuse and recycle, share with other crafting friends. I’ve seen some beautiful tags made out of milk jugs!

Another must-read explores techniques for your  journal. Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling by Kirsty Conlin explores various mediums for creating backgrounds on your planner or journal pages. Although this is aimed at the “art” part of journaling, I have found the techniques and supplies to be useful in my daily planner. Bubble wrap, tissue paper and saran wrap are just a few of the examples used for adding creativity to your blank pages. Just imagine the possibilities!

If you’re looking to ignite your creativity, check out Carrie Bloomston’s The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity. Bloomston’s suggests just doing it! She also includes some excellent tips on organizing and checklists to help you get started. So get started, create your space and gather inspiration, whether from friends, a class or a library program. You may be surprised by the creativity that lies within.

You might be thinking, this is something I would like to try! If so, join us on Saturday, January 21st from 1 – 3  p.m. for D I Y for Adults: Bookcrafts.  We’ll make our own planners/ journals. We will provide supplies, but feel free to bring your own to use and/or share. And of course bring your creativity!

January also kicks off a new program at the Warrenton central library. Each month we’ll gather to learn new crafts, share ideas and of course work on our projects. If you are interested in joining this group or for more information, please call  (540) 422-8500 x 6862. We’d love to hear your input on what dates and times might work in addition to what types of crafts you’d like to try.

Happy Creating!

Jody- Adult Reference, Warrenton central library 


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