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The library has an awesome collection of young adult books available for your reading pleasure. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few more book reviews submitted by teens during our Summer Reading Program. Browse for the titles in the library catalog and pick them up at your nearest branch.

Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca SteadBook cover goodbye-stranger boy and girl sitting in cafe

If I met the author I would…ask her what inspired her to write “Goodbye Stranger.” Also, I would tell her how amazing the story was and I felt like I was right there the whole time! I would also ask her if there will be a series based on this book (with the same characters). Lastly, I would ask her why in many of the chapters she would use the word “you” as the character. Example: “You paint your toenails. You don’t steal nail polish, though.” Well, that is what I would do if I met the author of “Goodbye Stranger.”

Lisa E. 7th grade

The Selection by Kiera Cass

If I could tell the author one thing, I’d…tell her that it was the best book I’ve ever read! I was absorbed into the book and I never wanted to put it down. It was filled with so many excitements in every chapter it kept you interested. “The Selection” is by far one of my favorite books!

Julia W. 8th grade

Just Like Me by Nancy J. Cavanaugh

If I met the author I would…congratulate her on such a great book! It was amazing! I thought about all of it and I realized that it’s all happened to me too! The questions they ask and life lessons they learn really make you think about life and everything in general!

Abigail J. 9th grade

The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd

I really like this book because…it was so thrilling! It sucked you in and you could never stop reading! Every chapter made you want to read the rest! I was finished with the book before I knew I was done! I read it all in one day! I ♥ it!

Abigail J. 9th grade

Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan

I really liked this book because…it was a beautiful mix of fantasy, mythology and science. It’s the first book in a long time that really grabbed my attention and kept it!

Cheyenne H. 12th grade

Thanks to all the teens who submitted book reviews! We love getting your thoughtful recommendations.

∼ Ann McDuffie, Youth Services Librarian, Bealeton branch library

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