Consumer Reports September 2016: How Safe are Dietary Supplements?

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Check out this information in the September issue of Consumer Reports:

Dietasupplement-clipart-vitiminsry supplements

Many of us occasionally take dietary supplements such as probiotics, calcium, Vitamin B12, Echinacea or fish oil. Did you know that dietary supplements are not regulated in the same way as drugs? So just how safe are these supplements?  This month’s article on “Supplements: A Complete Guide to Safety” lists 15 ingredients to always avoid, tips on how to read labels, and what you can do instead of taking certain supplements.


There has been much talk in recent years about the levels of formaldehyde found in wood-based flooring. Formaldehyde can be harmful to people. Check out the article “Breathe Easier About Your Flooring” for tips on what kind of flooring to install, and ratings for prefinished solid-wood flooring, vinyl flooring and porcelain-tile flooring.


If you’ve purchased a TV recently, you know how many choices there are. But what do you really want in a TV? This month’s issue lists several questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new TV, such as: “Is bigger better?” and “Is a smart TV a smart move?” The article includes ratings for the best TVs of 2016.


In the last few years, some investors have started using online advisers, which use computer algorithms to manage your investment portfolio. Check out the article “The Rise of the Robo-Adviser” to see if this is the right option for you. Ratings for traditional investment companies are also included.

Wasted food

Did you know that 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. is thrown out each year? And that individuals, not businesses, are the single largest source of food waste? The article “Spoiler Alert” has tips on how to keep groceries as fresh as possible until you use them. Ratings for refrigerators are included.

The following topics and products are also covered in this issue:

  • Ratings for small cars
  • Article on electric tea kettles
  • Article on Amazon’s Echo and its virtual assistant, Alexa

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