Staff Picks: Books for Lazy, Hazy Summer Days

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Summer is just around the corner, and if you are like me and my colleagues, you’ll need some good books to read on your vacation or stay-cation this summer.  Here are a few suggestions for vacation reading from the staff working behind the scenes in library administration.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Blessed with a very short commute, I am pretty ruthless when it comes to listening to audio books or books on CD.  I have a two-fold test that evaluates the story line and the narrator/reader.  It is hard to listen to an entire book while running errands, or during my 5 minute drive to the office every day, so if it doesn’t pass, I don’t hesitate to hit the “eject” button.

When I first started listening to “Still Alice,” I was not sure it was going to make the cut. I wasn’t a big fan of the reader, who just so happens to be the author. However, the story itself drew me in and I quickly became absolutely fascinated by it.  Alice, a Harvard psychologist, is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. As she feels her memory slipping, she faces challenges and situations that I had never considered before.  How would I cope with forgetting how to do my job, how to dress myself or not being able to recognize my husband’s face?  Alice’s journey is fascinating (she devises clever ways to compensate for her memory loss) and terrifying at the same time (she mistakenly goes into a neighbor’s  house and begins making herself a cup of tea before realizing that it is not her house).  “Still Alice” is a powerful, captivating read that both entertained and educated me as I joined Alice and her family on their Alzheimer’s journey.

∼ Lisa, Public Information Coordinator, Warrenton central library

Against the Wild by Kat Martin

This is the first title in Brodies of Alaska series.  A combination of light romance and mystery, the story follows Dylan Brody and interior designer, Lane Bishop, as they are trying to refurbish an old hunting lodge that seems to have a resident ghost. As they unravel the truth behind the hauntings and some other accompanying mysteries they have plenty of time to explore their growing feelings for each other. It is a captivating read and also a great introduction to some of the other brothers who you can meet in the rest of the series.  I definitely enjoyed this book!

∼ Kim, Accounting Clerk, Warrenton central library

The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman

I was intrigued by the title of this book, but when I read the description of it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to check it out.  It isn’t the type of book I normally gravitate to, but I’m glad I did. On the precipice of entirely changing her life, Saphora Warren discovers that her philandering husband is dying. Instead of leaving him, she takes him to their beach home in Oriental, NC where she had originally planned to escape to a peaceful, contemplative existence. What she experiences instead is a summer filled with her adult children, grandchildren and a few new friends, including a precocious boy who gives her a new perspective and ultimately changes her life for the better. A good read for a rainy day or a sunny beach afternoon.

∼ Dawn, Public Services Manager, Warrenton central library

Happy reading!

Book listsreviews from our book clubs and favorites from library staff are great resources when searching for your next book. Or stop by the reference desk at your local library.

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