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Ridiculously Good Reads: May Edition

Posted by jennifers on

Happy Memorial Day! To honor the day, please also read my May 23, 2015 post for children’s books about Memorial Day. Memorial Day is first and foremost, a day to honor fallen servicemen and servicewomen. It is also the unofficial start to summer! And around here, summer = summer reading. Registration for our summer reading program opens on June 1 (you can register at any time during the summer), and our summer programs kick off June 11. If you need some awesome reads to kick off a great summer of reading, here are some titles that recently knocked my socks off. (more…)

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Staff Picks: Under the Wide and Starry Sky

Posted by fran on

Under the wide and starry skyUnder the Wide and Starry Sky: a novel by Nancy Horan

Would the world know Robert Louis Stevenson as the writer he became if there was no Fanny Van der Grift Osbourne in his life?

This is a question to ponder while reading the biographical novel by Nancy Horan.  First known for her fictional version of  another infamous marriage in the bestseller, “Loving Frank,” about architect Frank Lloyd Wright,  the author explores the creative partnership between a writer and wife in this book.  Both Fanny and  Robert Louis Stevenson are rebelling against their “assigned roles” in life- she as a wife and mother, he as the respectable lawyer his Presbyterian father wants him to be. (more…)

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Staff Picks: Favorite Authors, Classics and Reading Outside the Box

Posted by jody on

coffee with bookIs there a classic out there that you simply haven’t read? Or maybe one you’ve not read in a long time? I am perpetually surrounded by books, but by far I have not read them all. In fact, I realized that I had never read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This perennially assigned title was not a must-read in my high school and has slipped under my radar ever since.  I decided it was finally time to get this short, fairly easy read off of my “to read” list. The story, of course, involves the wealthy Jay Gatsby’s love for… and desire to win back… Daisy Buchanan. (more…)

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Families From Many Lands: Books for Asian-American and Pacific Islander Month

Posted by jennifers on

Since 1992, communities across the United States have celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander Month (which started as a week-long celebration in 1979). To highlight the diversity of the region, let’s take a look at some outstanding children’s books that feature characters with Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage:

While there are many books and movies about Ellis Island, there is definitely a lack of awareness about its counterpoint in California. Throughout the 20th century, Angel Island served as the entry point for 1 million Asian immigrants, mostly from China. (more…)

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Reading Riot: Road Trip Rescue

Posted by annmcd on

If you’ll be taking a road trip this summer, listening to audiobooks is a great way to keep up with your summer reading. The library has an excellent collection of young adult books on CD. (more…)

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Catalog Tip: Preferred Searches

Posted by alison on

If you have a favorite author and want to be one of the first to know when the library has a new item by him/her, use the “Preferred Search” option in your online library account. (more…)

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Save the Trees: Genealogy and Privacy Online (Part One)

Posted by amanda on

Online PrivacyOnline privacy. Articles have been written about whether or not it is appropriate to post pictures of your kids on Facebook. Every time there is a whiff of possible change to Facebook’s privacy settings, people bristle with alarm and you see the sharing of cautionary posts. Even if you are not a Facebook user, at some point you may have worried about the information about you that might be floating around on the internet at large. This information may have been posted to Facebook or otherwise shared online by a friend or family member without your consent or even your knowledge.

But… what about your family tree? In this two-part blog, we will look at how you can keep your information safe and protect the personal details of your family members. (more…)

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Kiddosphere: Libros Para Ninos: It’s Latino Books Month!

Posted by jennifers on

I do love a month-long celebration of books, which is why I’ve been brainstorming titles to promote for Latino Books Month! With the We Need Diverse Books grassroots campaign getting stronger and more visible every day, the importance of  publishing, reading, critically reviewing and promoting books that reflect the diversity of this world is gaining more attention. I whittled this list down substantially (I focused on Latino books by Latino/Latina authors); while these are my top favorites, I have many more that I could have included! (more…)

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Staff Picks: Books for Lazy, Hazy Summer Days

Posted by dawn on


Summer is just around the corner, and if you are like me and my colleagues, you’ll need some good books to read on your vacation or stay-cation this summer.  Here are a few suggestions for vacation reading from the staff working behind the scenes in library administration.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Blessed with a very short commute, I am pretty ruthless when it comes to listening to audio books or books on CD.  I have a two-fold test that evaluates the story line and the narrator/reader.  It is hard to listen to an entire book while running errands, or during my 5 minute drive to the office every day, so if it doesn’t pass, I don’t hesitate to hit the “eject” button. (more…)

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Consumer Reports June 2016: Managing Pain

Posted by vicky on

Check out this information in the June issue of Consumer Reports:

Pain Managementimg-pain

Did you know that Americans spend around $300 billion on pain treatments and care every year? The overuse of opioid painkillers is creating numerous overdoses and addictions. What can be done? Check out this month’s feature article, “Pain Relief Now!” for information on pain treatments and care, and “soothing strategies” for tension headaches and migraines, and pain in the lower back, joints, and neck and shoulders. There is also information on medical marijuana. (more…)

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