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If you have ever watched “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and thought, hey, I could do that … or at least thought you’d like to give some improv games a try, now is your chance! Improv is coming to the Warrenton central library!Actors performing improv

In my experience, there are a lot of people who want to try improv; what keeps them away is the fear they have about trying it. But, fear not. I can virtually guarantee a fun, non-painful experience. Why? Not only will you be surrounded by supportive friends and participants, but also you’re improvising all the time! Think about it. Your whole life is improv. Every day, you get up and have no idea what will happen, who you will talk to, what that person will say next or how you will respond. Isn’t it going well so far?

OK, don’t answer that last question.

Two of the many cool things about improv…

Here are a couple of cool things about improv: First, there is no pressure to be funny. What’s great about improv is that it is unpredictable and unscripted, and what you will find is that the natural progression of a scene or game will end up funny without much additional effort. Every day, you probably find that the funniest conversations and memorable one-liners happen during ordinary situations. Improv is just a guided version of that, where the ordinary situation is given to you in advance as a scene topic.

Second, improv is always a group effort. Unlike what I would imagine the pressure of stand-up comedy might be like… where you sink or swim… in improv at least one other person is always there in the scene with you. The feeling of bouncing all those spontaneous ideas back and forth is so much fun, and you know someone else is there to keep the scene going at a moment when you might get stuck or blank on what to say.

We’ll play some go-to improv games like PropsOnly Questions, Alphabet, Quick Change and more!  You don’t need to bring anything unless you want to bring a friend along. You will have the chance to be both audience member and participant. It will be awesome.

2 p.m. Saturday March 12

Warrenton central library (for high school and up)

Improv Resources

Want to learn some more about improv before the program?  Come by and check out Truth in Comedy: The Manual for Improvisation by Charna Halpern. Or, browse through, which has lists and descriptions of tons of improv games, as well as links to a bunch of references (tips and advice), and frequently asked questions. A lot of great information. We’ll do a little improv overview at the beginning of the program, too.

See you there!

~Amanda, reference librarian, Warrenton central library

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