Consumer Reports February 2016: How do you sleep?

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Check out this information in the February issue of Consumer Reports:

sleeping clip artSleep

A new Consumer Reports survey found that 27 percent of Americans have trouble sleeping most nights; 68 percent have trouble sleeping at least once a week. What’s the reason? Many of us work late, have long commutes, or stay up late using our electronic devices. This month’s feature article, “I Can’t Sleep,” discusses possible solutions – sleeping pills, white-noise apps, blue-light eyeglasses and sleep hats.

If you’re prefer to try a new mattress instead, check out the ratings for innerspring and foam mattresses. There’s also a chart on how to find the perfect pillow for your sleeping style–side, back, stomach or a combination of all.


Many of us include “getting in shape” in our New years resolutions. It is not surprising that Americans spend more than $65 million each year on fitness.  If you prefer to exercise at home instead of joining a gym, check out “Survival of the Fittest.” It has reviews for some of the most popular home exercise machines (treadmills and elliptical) as well as ratings for wearable trackers such as the Fitbit.

Facial recognition

It is difficult as it is to stay “anonymous” in this world of electronics and social media, but how would you feel about companies tracking you using facial recognition technology? Although not widely used in the US at this time, a few high-end stores in Europe are using it. Check out the “Who’s Tracking You in Public?” article  to learn more.

Smart phones

Are you in the market for a new smartphone? This issue’s “The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Your Next Smartphone” will help you choose the best provider, phone, and data plan for your needs. The article includes ratings for phones and providers.

More in This Issue

  • Ratings for child seats, including infant and booster seats
  • Ratings for small SUVs and small hatchbacks
  • Article on travel bags advertised as carry-ons–are they really the size they’re advertised to be?

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