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It’s not just teens and youth services librarians that read and enjoy teen fiction. In fact, lots of “grown ups” enjoy this genre too. Jen B. is one of those, joining us again as a Reading Riot guest blogger.

If you are looking for something that is part humor, part fantasy, Jen’s latest pick may be just what you are looking for. Did you ever watch a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and look past Buffy and her crew to see the regular kids? You know, the ones just trying to graduate while the Chosen One and her pals are out staking and slaying? Did you ever consider what it would be like to be them?

The Rest of Us Just Live Herethe rest of us cover cartoon pictures of young adults by Patrick Ness

The title of this book says it all! Mikey and his friends are just trying to make it to graduation. Just like in past generations, there is something paranormal going on in the community and the adults won’t talk about it. But regular kids don’t get dragged into that. It’s the Indie kids with names like Satchel, Finn, Dylan and Kerouac who disappear in a flash of blinding blue light and whose bodies turn up later in the woods.

All that Mikey has to worry about is:

1) His OCD, that’s getting worse
2) His older sister Mel, a recovering anorexic
3) Henna, the girl he’s in love with whose missionary parents are taking her to a combat zone in Africa
4) Jared, his best friend who is also half cat-god (the result of another paranormal fight that went on when his father was in high school)
5) His little sister Meredith who is obsessed with a boy band
6) His Mother’s latest run for office (vs Jared’s dad)

Oh, yes, and finals, work, the new guy Henna likes, a car crash, possessed policemen and zombie deer. Just your normal everyday life. Let’s just hope Mikey and his friends can graduate before someone blows up the high school….again!
∼ Jen, clerk, Bealeton branch library

Thanks Jen! I’ll add this to my reading list.
∼ Ann McDuffie, youth services librarian, Bealeton branch library

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