Good October Reads From the John Marshall Staff

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October leaves 2As the leaves start to turn and the weather gets brisk, it is the perfect time to grab a sweater and curl up with a good book and a cup of cocoa. The John Marshall branch library staff loves to read and we also love to recommend some of our favorites for those cool autumn days and evenings.

Chief Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny

If you’re looking for a compelling mystery with a beautiful sense of place, look no further than the Inspector Gamache series. Set in Three Pines, Canada, the cozy café, the homey used bookstore, and the abrasive poet and her little duck, all contribute to make the town a place you wish existed. The series begins with Still Life, and though you don’t have to start there, with each book the author builds on the characters’ personalities and interactions with each other. Penny’s writing is beautiful, and each new book in the series seems to be better than the last.
∼Veronica, Circulation, John Marshall branch library

Bruno, Chief of Police series by Martin Walker

In a small village in the South of France, politics past and present color the relationships between townspeople and the various law enforcement agencies that are brought together to solve a vicious murder in the Bruno, Chief of Police series. The elderly Muslim man who was murdered had been revered as a Resistance fighter during the Vichy Regime. Families who fought for the Resistance were divided into two factions – Communist or Nationalist – and some still don’t speak to each except during public ceremonies honoring the war heroes. The competition and suspicion between the various French law agencies, just like the tension we read about between the FBI and local agencies in this country, add to the story. Bruno, tasked with solving the murder, served in Bosnia as part of the Peace Keeping Force and he still has physical and emotional scars from that experience. The animosity toward the European Union seems to be a unifying force that all of the French share. This was a very compelling story with a realistic ending. I was intrigued by the continuing influence World War II had on life in the village. Bruno lost a lady love in Bosnia and several new love interests appear in this first installment of the series. I plan on reading the whole series and highly recommend it.
∼Gloria, Library Associate, John Marshall branch library

Mrs. Sinclair’s Suitcase by Louise Walters

“Mrs. Sinclair’s Suitcase” takes place during both World War II and the present and is a fascinating read. Roberta likes to collect letters and pictures she finds in second-hand books at The Old and New Book Shop where she works. Her father gives her some of her grandmother Dorothy’s belongings, and among them she finds a letter from the grandfather she never knew. This letter was dated after he supposedly died during the war. Dorothy was unhappily married to Albert, who was away fighting in the war. When a plane crashed in the field behind her house and Dorothy tried to save the pilot, the Squadron Leader comes to thank her. As their bond deepens, she hopes she might find happiness. But fate has plans for them, and soon she is hiding a secret so momentous that its shock waves will touch her granddaughter many years later.
∼Johnetta, Library Clerk, John Marshall branch library

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∼Veronica, Circulation, John Marshall branch library

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