Reading Roundup: Mystery Book Club Discusses Capital Crimes

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The Mystery Book Club (Warrenton) recently met to discuss it’s first title of the year with co-authors. Our discussion of Capital Crimes by Faye and Jonathan Kellerman led to an interesting discussion of collaboration. Faye and Jonathan Kellerman a married couple, both write their own series. Faye Kellerman’s  series features married detectives Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus. Jonathan Kellerman is known for his Alex Delaware series, a child psychologist. Jonathan’s other series features Petra Connor, a cop in Los Angeles.Capital Crimes

Capital Crimes is two short novellas and our group assumed each author had written their own novella. However, we were surprised when we read in an author’s question and answer from one of our members books that it was a collaboration. “My Sister’s Keeper,” the first novella featured Faye Kellerman’s Peter Decker character, which may be why we assumed Faye wrote that novella. Set in Berkeley, our group felt this novella had too many characters and they were a bit “pretentious.”

The second novella, “Music City Breakdown,” was much more enjoyable then the first. Our group agreed that the authors did a good job of describing the characters and setting. Again, we assumed Jonathan wrote this story. It is where we meet his Alex Delaware character, but only briefly, and he was at one point considered a  “suspect” of his travel companion.

We also found the title of the second novella to be more fitting with the story, where “My Sister’s Keeper” was not. The title Capital Crimes seemed weak, in only that we concluded this title because the crimes were “capital,” meaning punishable by the death penalty. Those that had read other titles by the Kellerman’s said they were much more enjoyable than this collaboration.

Join us for our upcoming selection, October 15 as we read any title by John Connolly. The Mystery Book Club meets at noon in the John Barton Payne building.

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∼Jody, Reference librarian, Warrenton central library


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