Staff Picks: Filling Those Long Summer Days with Good Books

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Filling those long summer days with good books and more.

How do you plan to fill the remainder of your summer? There is still plenty of time to plan a fabulous vacation get-away, or tackle that remodeling project you’ve been procrastinating about. The knowledgeable and friendly FCPL staff can help you find information on the ideal vacation spot as well as provide plenty of “stay-cation” options. As for ticking things off of the honey-do list, the library offers a wonderful variety of resources on everything from building a funky chicken coop to fixing that leaking faucet. In between all of the summer fun and seasonal chores, there still may be time to take advantage of the long days and catch up on your recreational reading.

However you plan to spend the next few weeks of your summer, be sure to stop in and see what the library has to offer. In the meantime, take a look at a few recommendations from the Warrenton circulation team.

Happy summer!

– Julia @ Warrenton central library

The Eight By Katherine Neville

If historical fiction is your genre of choice, then this engrossing adventure and international best seller should be on your reading list. Follow the quests of two indomitable heroines – one, a young nun at the start of the French Revolution; the other, a computer wiz working in Algeria during the 1970s – to locate the pieces of Charlemagne’s legendary chess set and unlock the powerful secret they hold. As the two timelines evolve and each faces dangers near and far, you’ll be swept up in the action. If you love it, be sure to check out its sequel, The Fire. Need another reason to try? Its renowned author calls Warrenton home.

 – Emily, Circulation, Warrenton central library 

As You Wish [compact disc]: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride by Cary Elwes, with Joe LaydenAs You Wish

Are you a fan of the movie “The Princess Bride”?  If so, I highly recommend “As You Wish” by Cary Elwes.  However, I suggest you listen to it on CD as it is read by the author, none other than The Man in Black himself (and features the voices of many other actors and crewmembers who participated in the creation of this 1987 classic motion picture).  This is Elwes’ behind the scenes view of the making of the movie including how this particular cast came together under the direction of Rob Reiner and many insider anecdotes and fun facts to know and share about the actors. It has made me wish for extended travel time in my car where I have listened spellbound for the last few weeks!

– Jackie, Circulation, Warrenton central library

Unwilling Accompolice by Charles Todd

This was a delightful mystery!  When reading a mystery story, I always find myself trying to guess the ending.  This was a book that kept me guessing. Each time I thought I had it figured out, BAM, a twist in yet a different direction!  The story took place during World War I in England.  It follows a battlefield nurse, Bess Crawford, during her loss of a patient (not to death) and subsequent attempts to locate him.

– Donna, Circulation, Warrenton central library

Home: a memoir of my early years by Julie Andrews

This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of my favorite movies, The Sound of Music. What a perfect time to read Julie Andrew’s autobiography, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years. In her memoir Andrews tells of a childhood quite different than what you might expect from the stage star and film icon. Once Andrews’ pitch perfect voice is discovered at the age of seven, it takes her all the way from vaudeville to Broadway. Home is the first volume of Julie Andrew’s memoirs. A second volume is expected to follow.

– Jennifer, Circulation, Warrenton central library

Every Last One by Anna Quindlen

Mary Beth Latham has built her life around her three teenage children, her successful husband and a job she loves.  When her life is shattered she will have to find the power and determination to help her family keep going.  This book is about facing the things we fear the most and finding our way back.  It would not be considered “light reading,” but a book that will stay with you for a long time.

– Shelley,  Circulation, Warrenton central library

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail a memoir by Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Srayed had to walk away from herself. After the devastating loss of her mother, Strayed slips into a dark and destructive state of mind. She impulsively purchases a guidebook to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and soon finds herself making the first awkward step of a 1,100 mile hike.

An inexperienced hiker, Strayed begins her redemptive journey with ill-fitting boots and an over-stuffed backpack she names “Monster”.  She vividly shares the beauty and hardships of the trail, the colorful cast of characters she meets along the way and how she found herself, whole again, in the small, yet profound final step.

– Julia, Circulation, Warrenton central library

Looking for more book lists and staff suggestions?  Stop by the reference desk at your local library. Additional staff picks and book club roundups are available online. You can also check out the list of titles being read and discussed by our book clubs for ideas and inspiration.

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