Warrenton Great Books Club discusses “Gimple the Fool”

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The Warrenton Great Books Club recently discussed “Gimple the Fool” by Isaac Bashevis Sincouple_readingger. This story is about a gullible small town boy who grows to adulthood under the pressure of being the brunt of all jokes within his community.

This story inspired a thoughtful discussion about the wisdom of this character who is in retrospective and slow to anger. Gimple acknowledges himself as the “fool” preferring to believe everything the townspeople tell him. In this choice to believe he finds some possibility of truth, however fantastical, and some self respect if not social dignity.

At a dramatic turning point in the story, Gimple moves away from the town that named him “fool” and moves away from the role of fool to the role of storyteller. Something to ponder: Is it possible that a town with a storyteller does not need a fool?

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Jeanne, Warrenton Great Books leader

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